Feb, 28, 2014 

I dream of you a lot. I know your watching over me. In this deep dark sea, I am now left without your guidance and wisdom. My rock, and my life. You are always with me. Four years ago my world came crumbling down around me, and its been a steady consistent crumble.. one thing right after another. Four years of debris pile while I still wait for the dust to settle. If there is one thing I can be grateful for, is that the last day I saw both of you, our last exchange was, “I love you’s” To my demise, there something I have learned,

“nothing is forever and life is far too precious and short to leave out the little things that count”.

Someday, we will be reunited. For now, I will mourn. Even though the burn hurts less to know your together, it breaks my heart that your both gone. You have both shaped my future, and you have both inspired me. your genes combined; taught me to be strong, wisdom, practicality, resourcefulness, kind hardheartedness, logic and stability. I will carry on what you have instilled, and I will pass that knowledge to your beautiful grandchildren because its who I am. My heart feels empty, and my mark is bold. I will forever miss you because you are the most beautiful experience I have ever endured.

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