Poem 4-27-14

Poem 4-27-14

I often wonder if you see me today.

I cry and reach out, for your unconditional support.

There is so much pain, and so much grief

The world is crumbling, before our very feet.

to have once been so naive, and unknowing.

The inevitable, grim, prospect.

loved ones get left behind.

If only i could get one last look, hug and smile.

To know you stand behind me

Is what i desperately seek.

I have been lost, and very confused

For I have been left without,

your inspirational quotes.

As others around me

become overwhelmed with grief.

it is painstakingly unreal

I wish i could make it go away.

I end my days in tears, as i sit back and realize

How much we’ve lost in a short period of time.

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