Grief and Loss

“Do what you gotta do,” A wise man once told me. The teachings last a lifetime and spread beauty throughout the world. “We live to learn, it is the only way” leaves a lasting indent on my brain, as I no longer receive this knowledge; in a world full of distasteful, angry endeavors; there is always one thing most of us do not realize. “nothing is forever” so those designer jeans in your closet and those Gucci bags most of us carry around as necessity, someday those things will no longer be ours. When that door comes to reap, we leave behind everything. We shouldn’t categorize our lives by what we have or how much money we make, but by the beauty that comes from within the world and the people who spread their positive wisdom. It is rare, but every now and then, I see that special spark. There are beautiful people in this world who have love, passion, wisdom, empathy, kindness, and strength. Maybe they don’t all have every single one of those traits, but there is enough diversity to combine them together. This is my very first blog post and I know it’s not the best. Since I’m on the topic of beautiful people, I want to acknowledge my DAD. He was an inspirational man. The knowledge he had changed people’s lives. He nurtured greatness, and nobility and his biggest attribute was to lead and push. Silent heroes are strong and brave, their legacy is unique. With his passing so fresh in my wounds, I Can’t forget his teachings because they are so incomparable.

“In the end we all end up in the same place”

 This thought leaves questions I cannot explain. It creates fears I cannot swallow. This concept is so real and frightening at best. My sun shined bright, with a happy tone. The day that you died the clouds came in. My darkest storm, you laid to rest. My superhero, you fight no more.  I’ve grown accustom to our relationship, for you have been my creativity and that is a gift.  You have harvested much strength within me.  In the last five years I’ve watched our family take a beating; beginning with the death of our mother. You lost the “love of your life” and to my demise you were never the same. Today I write this not only to attribute you but as a constant reminder that, YOU a retired veteran who served his country was not just a hero to the world, but to your children who grew watching you impress the socks off us.  I promise to hold the memory of you in my heart and never let go.  Today with this Grimm reality I know as the next generation “I am your legacy”

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