Where did the Humanity in Friendships go these Days?

I lay awake last night with something drumming in the back of my head.

Friendship: what does this really mean?

To me, I believe that a friend is family that you weren’t born into. Someone you love unconditionally and are there for no matter what. Yes it’s understandable that sometimes as people, we get very busy and can’t always drop everything for someone in specific moments, yet there are always other ways to continue your support as a friend. Friends are trustworthy, caring, and honest. They are supposed to be your support and encouragement.


A friend is not someone who  pretends to be your friend, just to get to your man. That is a cruel intention. It is a purest evil at work. It is unfortunate that I have had to witness it happening to others in our very own community.

It pains me to see that in a year, I’ve heard of three women I know being utterly betrayed by their so- called best friends. What happened to the days where

“Your friendship matters the most, not what your man can give me.”

I’m somewhat taken back by the idea that someone could pose as your BEST friend yet behind your back sneak around with your spouse, while acting like they’ve never done anything wrong. Psychopath much? This is wrong on so many levels. It lacks moral and who wants to be that person? A person, who gets used, played and faked. This is something that I have been thinking about for a while because it seems like it’s happening a lot more often than it should. What happened to humanity? Are we that desperate to be loved nowadays, that we take whomever we can love or not? There is something to be said about people like this. They lack all self-respect, they are dirty, and their just plain straight out chingered in the head.. I write this post today because I sit back and watch my friends hurt, struggle and hearts full of regret. I personally wouldn’t wish this on anyone and I hope they can find peace within themselves. However Karma is a powerful friend. You YES you! and you know who are; will pay for what you did without anyone having to lift a finger towards you. It breaks my heart to even fear that these types of situations are possible.

How can someone wish this on a person? To their best friend?

In relationships we invest a lot of time and energy into it, but when a friend swoops in a takes it away that’s got bad manners written all over it. Not to mention the blatant disregard for all the hard work they just flushed down the toilet. I’m baffled by this because I haven’t ever seen this type of behavior play out ever until people I know were targeted. If you’re an adult over the age of 25 there isn’t anything excusable about this

“were not little school children.”

Married couples, or serious relationships people with kids are being targeted. Think about what you’re doing to those children. What are you trying to accomplish. You want the man? have him sweetheart but guess what


Next time you want to steal someone’s spouse maybe you might want to pull your head out of your ass, welcome yourself to reality and realize you’re not just hurting one person when you commit this act of evil.

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