Writing Prompt #1

#1 Writing Prompt

You walk away and I cannot follow. Slowly slipping, you drift away. In our last moments, we express our unconditional love for each other, and the blaring pain runs down my spine. My tears become hot, as they fill my cheeks, while the veil only accepts you for the passing. I stand within the shadows, behind the glass doors. They separate us from one another, your final resting place. The cold hardening seizes my chest, as I realize we are no longer a perfect bliss. As I watch you leave, I wonder why It’s so complicated to stand by your side. The light shines through, and I see you lift; for the final hug is theoretic. I, your only daughter stand there strong with slow dripping tears, I bite back my sobs. Today I may be to young for this grim reality. I stand stronger, and more wise as your teachings float inside my head. As the door shuts, and you leave me behind, I can’t help but wonder, If you were ever really mine. No matter how hard I try to scratch the surface, I cannot wait for your return. The burn is bright but you are still in a peaceful state of mind. You’ve united yet again, with the love of your life. So as I stand back and watch the door shut slowly, the preparedness can never really embrace me as I would hope it could.

“As one door shuts, another opens.” They say.

But that door you just passed, will never return you. As I lay low , and hide from the world, I begin to clear my mind, in attempts for the dust to settle. If one thing matters the most to me, Is that both doors did not take either one of you before i could say

“I love you.”

Your strongest child, most wise, I’ve gained many perks from learning your ways. It’s not easy, but ill find a way. Silently glistening in the beauty of life. Appreciation is more real, when you know nothing is forever. A reality so cold, I must overcome.  For the sake of my children I cannot follow, but forever you will leave a mark on my heart.

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