First Birthday Sorrows

I’ll Admit, today was pretty hard. My youngest kiddo turned one today but my heart is ripped to shreds. Four years ago, my mother passed away leaving me with no close female support. Four months ago, in February my father passed away as well. Today is my little guy’s birthday, and many times throughout the day; one single thought runs through my head. My mom only met my oldest because the second two came after her passing. But two years ago when my 3 year old turned 1 my father was sick in the hospital, and was not conscious on life support through it. Today, my little guy turns 1 but my father did not get to see it. 😥 A unique coincidence. The most painful thoughts and experience I could endure. My father and I were very close and now he is gone.

Today is a hard day.

Pain stricken and grieving, I am lost without you.

My soul bleeds, and my heart cries.

My dearest loved one, you are my light.

My love, my world, and  my glory.

Without you, I am merely an entity without a lifeline.


Well dad, I miss you. If you could only read this I hope you realize you’ve impacted my life. My little guy is 1 ! Happy birthday!! little guy. If for only the sake of you, I put that smile on my face. We celebrate you for your first milestone of life.

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2 thoughts on “First Birthday Sorrows

  1. Michelle Stanley says:

    I’m sorry that you lost your parents. It’s sometimes special events like birthdays that leave us with sad memories when our loved ones aren’t around. I like the poem you wrote. Have a blessed week. Michelle


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