She wakes up in the morning, the house is still; movement lost for miles away. walking groggily down the hallway to start her tea, she realizes the kids are missing. She searches frantically all over the house until she realizes they’re all sleeping in the same room. Within a makeshift tent, she sees six legs plopped out. How could she not have seen them before. A smile spreads across her face as she realizes she’s fooled herself. Morning tricks and treats, as she hears the faint sounds of giggling. silly girls played with her head. a morning of delight filled with joy and laughter. The screaming of the kettle releases through the house, while she snaps out of her daze to make her tea. It’s starting out to be a lovely day. The birds are communicating beauty through a delightful song. The morning sun shines through the window, and hope fills her heart.This is a great day.

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