Golden Boy

The day you were born, that golden rabbit ran in front of our car

while we entered the hospital parking lot, I  smiled and said,

“Oh would you look at that…it must be a sign.”

My husband laughed as I said it sincerely.

our excitement grew fierce as the wait began.

it is my greatest blessing to have welcomed you into our lives.

My dearest Riley, born; 5lbs. 12oz

a perfect, healthy, lil’ guy, with perfect golden hair and perfect golden skin,

you are my honey bear.

that first moment your grandpa laid eyes on you, a beautiful smile hung over his face.

he reached for you and held you tight, than he noticed one thing i’ll never forget.

I’ll cherish forever this symbol revealed.

A sign from the rabbit, that I had caught.

He looked up at me and said “here’s my golden boy.”

and from that day forward that name stuck.

I will hold this sentiment fondly.

For the loss of he, has been great for me.

Riley Dorian

because of your grandpa; to me will you will always be the “Golden Boy”

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