“Do what you gotta do.”

In the still of my chaos, I sit and ponder.

there is an essence there,

I reach out to capture.

Simply me, is all i need

something keeps coming back to me

bearing down,

now I see.

“Mel…..You do, what you gotta do.”

and essence of your shadow echoes within. I’ll tell you what; I got this.  Just for you, “I’ll do what I do.” beautiful and bright, while everything I do, say or choose comes with deep logic. I know what I’m doing, and I know what’s not right for ME. I’m here to tell you, “I promise you have nothing to fear.” I don’t get hurt. With a heart made of gold, and knowledge beyond my years, I have a backbone. I’m daddy’s little girl 😉

The echoes of her shadow lay whispering in my ear. A subtle shift In energy she used to tell me “If anyone’s gonna be able to do it,  Mel it’s gonna be you.”   Why? because “I am who I am.”

Mysterious, bold, and undeniably unique.


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