The smelly horror that almost was


I was walking down the road one night, minding my own business. It was dark though; couldn’t see much. Suddenly there were headlights blaring at me. “Oh NO!!…near death experience …Phew!.” The car drove around me. I froze for a moment, and ran to the side of the road. I almost sprayed myself. I continued on my path unaware of the soon ironic encounter.

 The next day:

 It was just another night, minding my own business, looking for food. It’s not too dark inside the school grounds. The night is peaceful, and it seems like there are only a few people around. I’ll have to stay on the down low. I found a parcel of food “This is delicious.”  I suppose it’s not the most appreciated way to survive but it could be worse. Last night could have been my last night here.  Thankfully, the person driving….


In that moment my life flashed before my eyes.

“Not again!!!”

We all froze in time and I raised my tail to protect myself. That’s when I saw it.

“Oh wait; you’re the one that didn’t run me over. You spared me I’ll spare you.”

I began to chuckle as I watched them run, “THANKS for spare…..Or just keep running away from me.” I begin to slip back into the night, “That was odd.”


         I can’t begin to say how lucky I am. An encounter with skunks has been the theme of the week. Those things sure have a way of popping out of nowhere. Almost ran one over a skunk the other night but, thankfully I avoided the critter entirely, or so you would think.

   As I was driving home, out of nowhere, a skunk appeared. I averted thinking graciously “Wow! Thank goodness I didn’t have to drive that smell around town.”

After leaving parent teacher conferences the next evening, my spouse and I were enjoying some simple laughs.  I heard a strange sound, looked over and yet again A SKUNK!!!…. “OH SHI……!” I started to run, pounding into my spouse. Frozen for a moment the three of us standing in limbo suddenly, the skunk lifted its tail and that is when my spouse finally snapped out of it. With the uttermost comical reaction my spouse starts running and screaming “OH MY GAAAAAAWD!” We sprinted in different directions. Upon noticing we weren’t being chased, I turned to see my spouse flailing his arms while screaming, ”OH NOOOO!”  I busted out with laughter and he stopped, looked back for the skunk and walked up to me. Gut busting laughter wrenched at us. We didn’t smell anything; there was no smell at all. My spouse asked “Do you even smell skunk?” We questioned it.

“He must have been a domesticated skunk.” Jay said.


“What was that about?” I replied.


Laughing at ourselves and unsure if we had been skunked or not I asked “Did we get skunked and just can’t smell it, or did we just luck out?”


You see, this skunk was face to face with us. I guess you could say we were about to find ourselves in a face off with a skunk. Maybe he ran as he saw us running, maybe we didn’t even give him a chance to spray. What we do know is that we laughed so hard we gave ourselves headaches.

Before heading home, we stopped at a convenience store to grab a few things. Still laughing, I asked the clerk “Do we smell like skunk?” he replied with a smile “No, you don’t.” Since he had a curious look on his face I gave him the synopsis of what had just happened. It’s amazing how you can make someone laugh and bring a little humor into their day. On the way home, I passed the area where we had almost run over a skunk the night before and it hit me. “I bet that was the same skunk from last night.” My spouse replied “He probably felt like since we spared his life, he’d spare us the stank.” Naturally, I dug deep into my imagination and saw it through the skunk’s perspective

  The next morning we awoke to watch a TV show that mentions skunks. Creepy coincidence. Later that evening, we attended an event with readers and yet again a reader mentioned skunks. Talk about living in the twilight zone. As if to say hello world, this week’s main topic is skunks. 😉


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