Life Lesson #20

“Sometimes in life we endure our greatest moments of impact. We grow, we learn , and we re-invent. On the other side, we are tailored, mangled, disheveled, and conquered. People change. It’s a natural part of life. What many seem to forget is, there is no going back. While chapters end, and eras dissolve, the only thing that sticks around is an idea or thought. However, to keep those alive, you must plant the seed of knowledge. otherwise, the legacy dies with you.”                                                                                                                         Melanie Gordon


Breaking points are extreme. Everyone experiences them. They are called “The Moment of Impact.” A raw moment of ultimate despair. It is through these times when your greatest test of strength is underway. Only the true you, will shine through. Misguided, and confused, you muster all you’ve got.  Take it and run with it, for the sake of overcoming it. As we experience daily struggles, we grow through every one of them. The bottom line will always be, “You are not who you were yesterday.” (MelG.) 

I have been thinking about my eldest child. Soon it will be her birthday. Eight years ago today, we had a baby shower. My first, my only, and my last with my mother. Only a three short years later, she was gone. Forever lost. (???) As I contemplate this thought,  I remember It was only a mere 5 years today, that I still had her. The clock ticking, my last months with her… my family, our last winter, THE CHANGE. “And then it was over.” (Something Deep by Rareity)  The fall of our dynasty. Things were not the same. My story may not be over, but at this point, I’ve reached the end of an era. It is beyond who I am now. Today, I am not the same person I was. I can’t say I ever will be. I have experienced many things in life. Things that have shaped me, and things that have almost broken me. I suppose what matters, is knowing there is something to be learned from every experience we shed.  So here I am in retrospect, thoughts on this anniversary. Then…. My surroundings were different. Of course, in the process of having a child, the transition began. Only a three short years later, my mom passed, bringing on the brutal series of events. It was a cold hit to my chest when the sequence began. It knocked me to the ground. I have my days, just like anyone else. sometimes so broken, and torn, I hide out. Here I am, on the other side. Not the same person as I was then. Stronger, wiser, and a twinkle in my eye. A piece of them will always be inside of me. Gone but not Forgotten, living within me. In the end, strength and endurance is your survival. The Point: With the many lessons I learned from my parents, they are gone now. It is I, who holds the key to that knowledge. Through the growth of that seed, I shall pass it on to another generation. 😉

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One thought on “Life Lesson #20

  1. Dash McCallen says:

    I had words to put here when I started… hate when the brain goes blank. So now I am fillign up the space, waiting for the muse to return.

    Breaking points! Had to go back an look. How many points can be scored on a soul before they do harm? Some say that if they don’t break you, they make you stronger. Then one can write to let the struggle find a vent.

    This is a very good take and putting into words that which happens to us. Good to be seeing this.

    Good introduction to the first page I read. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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