The Parallels of Then and Now

It’s quite strange how things work out. I had an anniversary this weekend. I met my spouse only a few four short months prior to mom passing. I have a tendency to calculate strange symbols within an underlining meaning. In this case, not only does an anniversary occur on the same day of the week every five years, but that a simple five years ago I was a single mom of a three-year old girl, on a first date with a single dad of 7 1/2-year-old. You might think to yourself, why is this important?

To me, It’s quite the coincidence that every five years it lands on the same day of the week. We have children together now. My daughter, now venturing into 8-year-old hood, and my son in Three year old-hood. Possibly some strange symbolism; definitely a parallel. So many things have changed in a very short period of time. However, one thing still hasn’t changed. I still desire knowledge, and enjoy the heavy intellectual communication. I’m still me. Bold, courageous, a perfect case of inner strength, and smarter than the average bear (as my dearest friend likes to say). I’m not easy to obtain. I suppose that is why these parallels are unique. For the first time in my life, I met someone with an intellectual edge.  One who put more effort towards my mind then “what meets the eye.” Life is quite a ride. No one knows when it’ll be their time. That’s just it. living like were dying, rather than waiting to die. I write these blogs not to just blabber away on a weekly basis, I write them to inspire, to express, and relate a message. The most important thing anyone can do to make a difference in the world is simply make an  impact. Otherwise, what’s the point?

My experience from the last five years of my life are not something I write about to gain a pity party. Not at all. It is for the mere purpose of creating an understanding that many people tend to lack. The little things in life, are always what matter most.  As we grow older, all of our years, they tend to blend together. After a while, it is only the important moments that matter most.  I have them. Everyone has them. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. “The key to happiness and fulfillment is embracing those moments, whether it be seizing an opportunity, or gaining closure on unfinished business.” Its simply life. Today, I am reflecting on the first stepping stone from the “The change”  

Deep down, you know what’s true. Dreams are achievable if you want them bad enough. The question is “What’s holding you back?” ….. Yourself.

Do something. Make the grand gesture. You never know until you try. Seeing is believing. Start putting together the “The pieces to the puzzle” (coming soon).

Most importantly, you are in charge of your own happiness. If your holding back and that affects your happiness, then at the very bottom line something needs to change.

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