Pieces to a puzzle (pt. 1)

WP_20141106_002A strong emotion overpowers me.

There’s Something burning inside my head.

A lost essence only  “we” know.

Just take a look back, and remember when.

The Moments in time, Only you and I share.

Nothing beats that, and nothing ever will.

A powerful connection, You cannot deny.

Yet, here we are.

We’ve both made mistakes, and Possibly some regrets.

None of that matters, when your plain, and simply meant to be?

You shrug me off as if it’s an end.

You think you’d know by now.

I cannot leave you behind.

You still posses the other half of my heart.

You will always be the greatest thing that happened to me.

All I can ask is that you stop waiting.

Its been too long.

Therefore, take back what belongs to us.

You know exactly what you must do.


I will always choose you.

I thought I’d never see you again.

For that, I did what I did.

The choices now bring me to my knees.

I know this is not the way it should be.

My heart is filled with you.

And now… It is what it is

We’ve wasted enough time.

Lets not waste more lying to ourselves.

I fear until we unite, We will be unfulfilled.

I don’t want to love anybody else but you.

I should honestly give up on it.

But something tells me it’s still real.

If maybe a fabrication inside my own head.

I’d like to think were the greatest story I could ever tell.

It’s hard to love again when the only love you’ve ever known, just walks away.

A dreary reality, Could it all be fake?

Or is there something there for you too?

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