Crystals Tale (pt 2.)


She knew it was coming. The deep agony within her thoughts. She didn’t turn in her paper, she’s in trouble now.

“Moms going to ground me. I just know it.” She wasn’t sure if the teacher had asked her mother about the paper or not. Instead of asking, she chose to cross a thin line of eggshells, being careful not to bring it up.

Jane picked up Crystal a little past 5:00pm. Its Crystal’s birthday this weekend, so she’s pretty excited. As soon as Jane walked through the door, Crystals angst shot up the roof. She didn’t know if she was in trouble, or if her mom even knew at all. This paper is a big part of her grade. Crystal beat around the bush, she avoided the subject entirely. She peered into her mothers eyes looking for a tell. Instead, her mother held a blank stare which always made Crystal nervous. Jane looked at Crystal, smiled and said, “Are you ready to go?”

“Yes” Crystal replied.

“So.. how was your day?”

With a distasteful look on Crystals face she forced out, “It was ok.”

Jane could see that Crystal was stressed, so she asked, “Why so glum, sugar-plum?”

Crystal contemplated for a moment to really think about her response.

I could lie about it, and just tell her I had a bad day.

She couldn’t possibly know right?


Mom always figures things out.

If I lie, and she figures it out, I’ll be in more trouble.

I should be honest and tell her the truth.

If I tell her the truth, maybe she’ll help me find a way to fix it.

I should tell her.

NO! …I can’t.

What should I do?

Crystal hung her head low and huffed. The internal struggle made her un-easy. Anticipation, and not knowing something, were two things that she was not very good at dealing with.

She looked at her mom, and said, “Mom… I’m worried your going to get mad at me.”

Jane smirked and said, “For what my love… What’s going on in that mind of yours?”

“Well today, I forgot to take my paper to my teacher, and I got in trouble because it was due.”

“Oh sweet pea….” Jane said with a concerned tone.

Crystal, now tearing up said, “I’m sorry mommy.”

Mom had to be mad. Crystal inhaled a giant breath, and anticipated a lecture of some sort similar to the one she had gotten at school.

Jane stayed quiet, staring at the road while she drove.

This made Crystal nervous because she was wasn’t really sure what to think at this point.

“Mom.. If you don’t want to throw me a birthday party anymore, I’ll understand.”

Again, Jane did not respond. She pulled into the garage, and shut off the car. Instead of getting out, she shifted in her seat, looked at Crystal  and said, “So… You forgot to take your paper to school?”

“Yes” Crystal fidgeted nervously.

“Ah.. and its worth a big part of your grade.”


“Was your teacher upset?”


There was that look again. It’s like mom taps into the universe or something creepy like that. Carrying a serious look on her face, Jane finally says;

“Well…. You live and learn.” (Life Lesson #1)

Blown away by mothers response, Crystal looked at her mom with eyes wide open and said, “YEAH!.. I’m not doing that again!”

They got down and went inside together. In that moment, Crystal was beyond impressed by her mother. She couldn’t help but stare at her in awe. She began to drift off into her head again.

I shouldn’t even be surprised.

She always does that.

My moms the best! 

If for only the purpose of knowing she had made a mistake, Jane knew she didn’t need to make her feel worse about it. What mattered the most is that Crystal learned a lesson that day, and just by admitting to it, she’s already making the effort to make it better.

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