”A Journey Endured: The Danielle Chronicle’s” (Ch. 1)

“As we grow, all of our years tend to blend together. It is only those special moments that most certainly stand out.”

Danielle was an inquisitive one. She craved knowledge, and she had a fire in her heart like no other. Her parents struggled with her, but they knew this was a girl who would stand up for what she believed in. Quite the impressive girl. It all started with her father. He taught her a new way of thinking. The kind that takes you so far outside the box, your mind will blow.

Danielle and her father had left a relatives house one sunny afternoon. Danielle stared outside the truck window. A dirt road separated by two fields, with cattle on each side were the only view in sight.  Danielle looked around eagerly, and noticed cows on the left side trying to escape under the fence. “Look dad!…. Those cows are trying to get out.”

Her father looked around to see where she was looking and then said, “Oh.”

“Why do you think their trying to get out?” Danielle asked.

Her father looked off into the distance as he drove. He had quite the contemplative look on his face. After a moment of silence her father said, “The grass is always greener on the other side.”

A child wise beyond her years, she thought of the many pondering’s that could mean. In a quick moment of processing this:

“It’s easy to not appreciate things for what they are.”

“Wow these cows must think there’s more grass on the other side.”


After thinking up all the silly ideas, Danielle looked at her father and with a inquisitive response. “Is it?”

Her father laughed, and said, “Well, yeah. but then you get there, and it’s not all its cut out to be.”

“Huh.” Danielle said. They grew quiet and she began to think:

“So they’ll get there and eat all the grass and realize it was better on the other side.”

“The light looks differently on each side.”

“Different view of perception. ”


They had a moment. A father and his daughter, with a significant bond. Danielle knew being around him meant there was never a dull moment. They had plenty of moments like this. Simple pondering’s, and contemplations; ideas of a different way. Teachings of a lifetime. He enlightened her mind. Aside from the beautiful pondering’s her father shed,  she had experiences of her own to heighten her wisdom further. Parents can not ever shelter you from everything, and to her detriment she’d learned this lesson very early in life. Despite her closeness with her father, she never found the strength to tell her parents the experiences she lived. Stories of an untold world. A life through wisdom’s eyes. Danielle’s world is quite a ride. She’d experienced a lot in her young mind. She knew things people her age couldn’t even begin to understand. I suppose what made her stay afloat was her fathers teachings. With their talks came a lot of thought, empowerment, and encouragement. Mom used to say, “If anyone was going to do it, it’ll be you Danielle.”


“I can still hear the echoes of her shadows, and the silent whispers.”


A little girl lost. Danielle endured her journey.

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7 thoughts on “”A Journey Endured: The Danielle Chronicle’s” (Ch. 1)

    • Rareity says:

      I haven’t decided whether to keep posting the rest.. or hold off to publishing. I heard it you post all your good in the blog that publishers wont value it. :/


      • sonniq says:

        I’m not sure what you mean? Are you thinking that publishers might read your blog and think you revealed too much? Are you actually writing a book you want to publish? If so, good luck to you.

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