Crystals Tale: Pt.3 A View Through her Sisters Eyes(Life Lesson #36)


She sat quietly Listening to her mother speak. Her sister had come home crying today. Some kids at school had called her stupid for something she did. Mom took one look at her, and said, “Sandy… why don’t you sit down sweetheart.” There it was. Red alert, red alert! moms about to have one her talks.

“The echoes of her talks usually  resonate. At least they do for me.”

Jane stared at Sandy for a few moments before saying a word. I always enjoy watching her blank stare as she’s formulating something deep and when it came out, she said it prominently.

Sandy’s eyes, blurry and red, mom relaxed her shoulders she said, Sandy…What’s the matter?”

“Everybody thinks I’m stupid.” she said hyperventilating.

“Who thinks your stupid?” Mom said with her sarcastic tone.

“People at school.” A shaky voice.

Mom bounced her head and said “Oh… why do they matter?”

and Sandy’s response was somewhat shocking.

“Well I do stupid things.”

Moms eyes softened, and her heart melted for my sister and she said, “Honey….”

Mom stared at Sandy for a while. I could tell she was carefully choosing her next words.

“Ah… So, you do stupid things because they think your stupid?”

Sandy was getting pretty upset when she replied, “YES!”

“I see.” Mom looked at dad and he was looking at his lap in agony over what Sandy had just said. Mom looked at me, and then looked back at Sandy.

“What makes you think that’ll make it better?”

“I don’t know.”

“Yes… I think you do.”

Sandy looked down in defeat because she knew nothing got past mom. Mom sat back for a moment waiting for her daughter to think about what she just said and Sandy said, “I just want to fit in.”

With empathy in mommy’s heart, she looked at Sandy and this was it. The moment of truth, a moment to learn, her well thought out response.

“Sandy.. Nobodies gonna notice you, until you are being you.”

Daddy smiled at mommy, because he loves her for that very reason. Even to sit next to her while she spoke her peace.

“Watching my sister go through this, and hearing mom’s thoughts about it, taught me that If I want to succeed in anything I do, the first step is liking who you are. Mom always says

“It’s ok to be you, and not be liked. As long as you are who you are, the right people will come along.”

This may not have been crystals experience, but it was one for the telling.


Click  for  part 2 of this Excerpt 


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