Pieces To a Puzzle (Pt.2 Poem)

If only we could turn back time.

Slipping silently inside our lives.

Dreaming bigger then ever before.

Rekindling flames forevermore.

A tingling burns inside my heart

I repeat in my mind, If only we knew.

I saw a picture of you today.

The look in your eyes, distant and pained.

Glazed over with a half-hearted smile.

Unfulfilled and for a while.

It hurts me deeply to see you this way.

Cant you see, It’s you and me.

From a moments glance.

A promise made.

You said you’d be back, but you haven’t came.

Still I wait; longing for you.

Still you do; the things you do.

Tell me what you need from me.

Because, In a heartbeat.

I’d leave it all for you.

This I know will always be true

Two halves of a heart, a love undone.

An ending with an unfinished beginning.

The unfortunate choice

A lot of hurt.

I can say with all my heart

I do believe.

One day we’ll have our start.

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