”A Journey Endured: The Danielle Chronicle’s” (Chapter 4 The Unexpected Adventure)

“I remember that summer vividly. It was one of the hottest, but so far my best. It’s when things started to change again.”

Danielle was excited. She’d be starting high school, finally a big kid, and soon she’d be celebrating her fifteenth birthday as well. Finally able to be like the older members of the music group. Music camp was only for high school students. A right of passage. A bonding experience,  and exciting fun. Best part was, it always started two weeks before school started. Marching season was a huge deal. Overnight’s with your friends; thrilling adventures and pranks. The good ol’ days.

A strange day indeed. Danielle walked into the music room with her head down, avoiding as many people as possible. She was still uneasy in social situations because of her grief. People made her nervous, and when someone came too close, she had a tendency to tense like during a red alert. Watching out, making sure they wouldn’t try to harm her.

“Can I have your attention, everybody?” The instructor called out. When the chatter stopped he said,

“Id like to welcome the newest members of the program. Our upcoming freshman for this year. ”

The crowd broke out “Woo! Fresh meat…Welcome!” Instantly, Danielle felt welcomed alongside the many students who sat nearby. Nervous about the first day, they all sat quietly.

Danielle, the quiet girl always sat to herself. Anytime someone would come just a little too close she would flinch. Unless she wanted you there, you couldn’t be there.

“OK class, shall we begin?” The instructor asked. He started handing out music. He began discussing the song he wanted them to play. The goal: To play the music without looking through it first.

I remember the feeling, the happiness it brought. I had found my peace, it was brilliant.”

The instructor lifted his hands and said “On my cue.” They played so energetically. A pure force with a burst of energy like never before. A smile hung over the instructors face. They’d done it; they passed the first test. However, he still wanted the freshman to practice in a separate room. He wanted them caught up on the songs that the upper classmen knew from the previous years.

“Fletch take them into the office and get them caught up. ” The older student stood up “OK… follow me.”

It took a moment to get going, but as the small group of students settled Fletch asked, ” You guys ready?”

John said, “Lets not and say we did,” and laughed.

“That’s not how this works. If you want to be good then do the work.” Fletch said.

“Hehehe.” A chuckle let loose from the tall thin boy, with light brown hair.

They practiced for a while, but they grew bored quickly. John kept snickering back and forth with the tall boy. While listening to them talk, Danielle found out his name was Brent. Danielle caught the tail end of their conversation. Something about sneaking pot into camp that night.

“What! No way man your crazy. I’m not gonna do that.” John told Brent.

Danielle thought about how often she’d done that with an older relative of hers. She chimed In, “I can get some for you, all I gotta do is make a call.”

“What.. yeah right. Like, little miss goody would have connections like that?” Brent said.

Despite her internal struggle, she could wrestle words with the best of them and replied “First of all, you know nothing about me. You can’t make an assumption about people you know nothing about.”

Brent, somewhat taken aback by what she said, smiled and said, “You’re a feisty one aren’t you?”

Danielle looked at Brent and said, “You don’t know the half of it.”

Intrigued, Brent smiled again a little bit more fondly, “Cool… Then its settled?” He said curiously.

“Sure.” She said “I’m down.”

“Guys!.. Can’t we get this moving along.” Fletch said.

“Yeah. Guys quit flirting and get back to work.” John teased.

Brent looked at John with a distasteful look, and Danielle just looked down thinking “oops.”

Right as they were about to begin playing, Danielle and Brent shared a quick look. Both cracked a slanted grin. They had both just made a new friend. That evening, after a long day of rehearsing, it was finally free time. Danielle and Brent didn’t have any success getting their stash. They still had fun anyway.

“Lights out!” Instructor said.

That’s when everyone shouted “NOOO!”

Like moths to a flame, Danielle and Brent were together. Brent had an idea. “Lets sneak out.”

“Deal” Danielle said.

After about thirty minutes, Danielle snuck out of her sleeping bag. Her friend Skylar asked “Where are you going?” Danielle replied, “Sneaking out. Want to come?” They snuck out, quietly slipping out of the room where all the girls were camping. Brent and a few of his buddies waited for  them right outside the boy’s room. Brent smiled and said, “Lets go have some fun.”  For Danielle, nothing was more fun then a thrilling adventure. Careless and free, she lived for it. They ran around, and played in the gym, and locker rooms. Danielle’s friend grew bored and left, pestering Danielle to go back with her. Something about being afraid of the dark. Danielle rolled her eyes a bit and said,  “I’ll be right back.”

It took her a minute to find the boys. She could hear them giggling in the gym. “Hahaha.. over here!!” Daniele looked over towards the lit area, and saw three boys wiggling their butts while mooning her. She broke into a laugh. When Skylar went back, she made noise and got caught. So music teacher Hoff went looking for them. “Hey! I said its lights out!!”

“Sh__!! run” They all scrambled bumping into each other, laughing. “Ahh!” They screamed while running back and forth in a chaotic circle. “He’s coming closer.!!” “HIDE!” They separated, trying to open the gym doors, Brent and Danielle began running towards the locker rooms when Hoff yelled “Hey!. Stop running I can see you!” Hearts racing, heads pounding with adrenalin, they giggled and kept running as fast as they could. Suddenly they crashed into Blaine and Jax. “Watch out!”

Brent said, “The shower stalls!.. Quickly.” Danielle didn’t want to get caught, or in trouble. They were risking getting kicked out of camp, their first night there. Blaine and Jax followed closely. “Shhh!.. be quiet, he’ll hear us. The four of them huddled up in a shower stall, quietly hiding from Hoff. Danielle peeked her head out to see if Hoff was coming, and jumped back so quickly she bumped into Brent. For a moment, his hands grazed her hips and like hairs standing up on their backs, a shock went through their bodies and they both gasped. They turned to look at each other, and both equally shocked, smiled to avoid awkward tension. What a thrill.

Blaine said, “I don’t want to get in trouble. Guys lets just go back.”

“Yah.. lets all just go back.” Hoff said

“Crap!.. Busted. ”

“Well it was fun while it lasted.” Brent said.

Danielle smiled and put her head down and said “Yeah.” In a moment she thought, “That was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.” She didn’t know it then, but her life, her friends, and her world around her was about to change. It wasn’t an ordinary day. She had made new friends.

“Get to bed, or your all going home. Are we clear.”

Bummed and defeated they said, “OK.

Throughout the rest of camp, Danielle and Brent grew close. They were good friends. Their conversations were always stimulating, and they enjoyed their time together well.

“I still get excited when I think about it. A simple game, turned into so much more. In a tantalizing moment, I was set free.”

Later, as camp was coming to its end, Hoff gave all the students a pizza and movie night. This meant more free time. Danielle, Brent, Jax, Blaine, Kiana, John, and Mira circled up in a secluded area and began a game of truth or dare. Blaine chose truth, and had to admit to who his crush was. Jax looked at Brent and said “Truth or dare?”

Brent replied, “I’m not gonna fall for truth. Dare.”

Jax grinned a devious look and said “Oh, alright…I dare you to stick your hand underneath Elle’s shirt and make out with her.”  Thrown back by this, Danielle said “Uhhh! Don’t pull me into this.”

Danielle instantly thought about her past experiences and became scared. “So not fair.. I cant do this. This is bad. What am I going to do.” she thought to herself.

“I don’t want to play anymore.” She said. Jax cut in “Oh come on Elle its all fun and games. no harm no foul.”

“I…. ” She looked down. Brent must have noticed her struggle because he stepped in to say, “If she doesn’t want to do it, don’t make her do it.”

Danielle looked at him, and gently smiled. Jax, John and Blaine started tearing in at Brent, romping on him for being chicken. Danielle felt bad. He’d just understood her fears, and honored her feelings. John started saying, “If you don’t do this, you have to run around the school three times naked.”

“What!!. No way!”

That was it. Danielle couldn’t let him hang for being a good friend to her, so she mustered up all the strength and brave she could and said “Lets just do it, and get it over with.” Somewhat mortified, she was afraid she was about to experience the same thing, but she went for it anyway. Brent was nervous, and awkward. He didn’t want to have to do that to his friend. So they looked at each other and Brent said, “Hey… I’m sorry in advance. Please don’t be mad at me.”

Brent began to place his warm hand underneath her shirt, touching her soft skin, and in an instant force of shock. Before they knew it, their hearts were racing. They looked into each others eyes with beating hearts. Brent moved his fingers up her stomach, and electrifying chills went up and down her spine. Brent leaned in to whisper in her ear and asked, “Do you trust me?” All she could think in that moment was “Whoah!!.. This is wow!” She replied with a heavy breath “Yes!.”

“Here goes nothing.” Brent said.

He grazed his hands higher reaching for her breasts. That’s when it happened. A kinetic shift of energy, boiling, and over flowing. Danielle, moved in closer, they started breathing heavier than before, and he kissed her.

“I could feel his heart beating so heavily, it felt like it was going to pounce out of his chest. All I can remember is thinking I didn’t want to stop”

Everyone froze in awe and watched with their mouths wide open. Intertwined, they were becoming irresistibly hot and bothered. Growing wreck-less as their desires became fierce. While they were making out, Danielle grazed her hand underneath Brent’s shirt, caressing him softly. She could feel his blood boil. He let out a sighed breath. They grew more intense, Brent laid her gently towards the ground. They were, it was, they… couldn’t stop.

“OK, OK, OK!! Guys that’s enough…Get a room or something.” Jax said.

That snapped Elle and Brent out of their embrace, and he pulled away so quickly and fast, They stared at each other with their eyes locked, and Brent said. “Wow!. That was… ”

Danielle whispered, “Yeah.”

I thought you guys were gonna rip off your clothes and just go for it “John Said.

Still looking deeply into each others eyes, they were piercing each others souls in that very moment. They had crossed new territory. They were… blown away. Breathing heavily, and coming off a severe endorphin rush, Brent and Elle sat quietly with their heads down. Jax decided it was time to grab some pizza. Everyone stood up and started to leave. Sitting still in their contemplative spaces. Blaine looked back and said, “Hey.. you guys coming.”

Brent replied, “Uh. Yeah. Give me a minute.” While still dazed and confused, Danielle sat with a fluttering heart. They stared at the ground silently. After a few minutes, they broke the silence “Whoah!” They said in unison. Brent smiled and looked at Elle. She smiled back. After gaining his composer, he stood up turned towards Elle. He reached his hand out for hers, “Want to go grab some food?” Danielle accepted his hand, and he lifted her up. They walked around the corner and he paused. He pinned Danielle up against the wall and their blood began boiling yet again. Brent stared so deep into her eyes, it was as though he was digging deep into her soul. He reached in slow to begin a kiss. Danielle closed her eyes and started breathing heavily again. They held their faces close for a moment that felt forever, and just like that, he pulled away. Controlling himself. They did not walk into the room holding hands, they didn’t make it obvious anything had even happened. Only a few people knew what they had just done, but they didn’t say a word. They sat down after grabbing their food and John said, “What… You guys stay back for a little action?”

Danielle rolled her eyes and was going to get upset, when Brent looked at him and said “Shut up Bro. Leave it be.”

John looked at Elle and said “What you already have him whipped?”

Annoyed, Brent said “Leave her alone. Your beef is with me.”

“Did he just defend me?” Danielle thought to herself.

In a moment of bouncing emotions, Danielle felt something she’d never felt before. Desire, intrigue, compassion, friendship, trust, and fondness. If only by accident, they were dared to tempt. It wasn’t planned, and they were unprepared. She felt she had finally found someone she could connect with. A moment in time, no would could take away from them.

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