“A Journey Endured: The Danielle Chronicle’s” (Ch.5 First Day of School )

“There it was again. In despair, out of control. Another dream about to destroy me, until I had my first intuitive moment?”


Tossing and turning, Danielle dreamt.


“I was running again. My fear and anxiety kicked into to overdrive. Running through the forest, crackling branches along the way. Tripping over myself, and falling into mud pits. I didn’t know who was after me, but I knew I had to get away. He’s coming closer but his direction is unknown. Naturally inquisitive, I turned my head trying to figure out who my capture was. A few steps behind me, he was closing in. “Somebody help me!!” I screamed out for help. I slammed into a tree branch. Thrown to the ground with muddy hands and leaves all over my clothes, I got up and kept running. I’m getting tired. I tried to hide within a crevice of a tree. He found me, and in the uttermost scared state, I rushed up to run but my legs gave out. Shuttering in fear, my legs were numb when I needed them the most. I’ve lost it all again. I can’t breathe. Darkness befalls me. Suddenly, a darkly shadowed figure grabs my arms and squeezes tight. Before I knew it, he was choking me. I’m done!

“Elle!” someone hollered. The figure let go. I ran for dear life. Just as I started looking back to see if my capture is following. Boom!!! I slammed into a carriage, and fell to my back. Scared, I did a backwards crawl. There is something blocking my path. “Get over here!” I look back and see the figure approaching. I stood up, and attempted to run again. “Not so fast!” a woman’s voice speaks through the misty darkness. I turn to the carriage and see a woman emerging from it. She lifted her hand up as if she was holding the mysterious figure back. She made him dissipate into thin air. She turned towards me. My nerves were bursting with fear. I started to retreat. Until, she made eye contact with me.


“Hello, my dear…You must not worry. From now on I am with you, now you have the control.”


She stood like a porcelain doll with her blue floral dress. She smiled at me and descended back inside her carriage.

“NO…Wait… grandma wait…What do you mean…PLEASE!!! Tell me what you mean… Come back!”


Breathing heavily, tossing and kicking, Danielle awoke. In tears and frazzled, she cried aloud “NO!” With her heart pounding inside her chest, it took a few minutes for her to settle down.

“That was different, and what in the world did she mean?”

Danielle sat numb for a while. What a gloomy dream. For years she’s had this dream. Getting caught by her capture and waking up half alive. Suddenly, her deceased grandmother came to save the day. Danielle torn by this new revelation, she wanted to know what her grandmother meant. She wanted to know what the dream meant. Why her grandma saved her, and why she said the things she said.  She threw herself back to her bed and covered her face underneath her pillow in an attempt to drift back into sleepy land. She just wasn’t up for going through with her day, especially after that sequence. She closed her eyes in hopes to restart her dream and possibly even talk to her grandmother again until her father walked in and said;

“Come on Elle you gotta wake up… It’s your first day of high school… Don’t want to miss it, do you?”

She gasped in realization. She didn’t want to miss out on that. Especially because it had been a few days since she saw Brent. The last time they saw each other they had one fierce magical moment. Her nerves boiled just thinking about it. Her anxiety was driving her crazy because she didn’t know if that was just a quick one-time thing. How would it be between them now? Or if there was something really REAL there. She couldn’t wait to get to school and see his reaction towards her when she got there. She bounced back and forth from thoughts about Brent and her dream about Grandma. She couldn’t help but reflect on the dream. The question, “What did she mean?” continued playing in her mind.


“I remember when grandma passed. It was the first time I saw mother cry. I felt her tear drops land on my feet, while I stood by her side staring at grandmother’s corpse.”


Danielle’s grandmother had passed a few years back. Her mother wasn’t quite the same. She wanted to tell her mother about the dream, but she hesitated because she didn’t want to make her remember the pain. She decided to keep it to herself. Danielle stored her thoughts away long enough to finish getting ready. She was determined to get to school early enough to see if Brent was there too.


She walked through the doors to the music room, and there he was. Standing with his buddies, playing hackie sac. Joking around, and talking crap with one another. As soon as she walked in he noticed her. He quit what he was doing to say, “Hey Elle come check this out. Settle this bet for us.”  They wanted to prove who the better player was. “Hey, Now. Don’t get me involved in this feud.” She said jokingly. “Nah! Come watch us play… you can be our judge.” He threw a smile at her. The bell rang after a few minutes cutting off their game. His friends began to leave to their classes except for the ones that were in the class with Elle and Brent.  Brent looked over at Elle and said, “During break, meet me out front. We’ll be playing another game then.” She replied, “Cool. Deal.”


“Good morning students. Hope your weekend was well.” Hoff said while walking in.

“Grumble, grumble, grumble.” The students let out an annoyed-to-be-back-in-school chant.

“Well… Shall we get started?”

Everyone began setting up, to begin rehearsal. That morning was a good morning. They practiced for a while and then moved on to marching; getting ready for the big event. After class let out, Brent reminded Elle “Don’t forget. After this class meet me out front. Okay. “Okay!” She said slightly annoyed, as if she needed a reminder. Break time came fairly quick, and sure enough Danielle went out front to meet up with Brent. There he was already waiting. With his sunglasses on looking cool, hanging out on the bench. She walked up and sat next to him and said, “Hey”

“Hey. Glad you could make it. Thought you might have better things to do, or something like that.” He let out a chuckle.

“Sorry to disappoint. Shall I take off, and create these better things to do?” She said.

Stumped he looked at her “Uh.” He knew he better choose his next words carefully, or he could totally blow it. Fortunately he was saved by everyone trickling outside to meet up with them.

His buddies called out, “Come on Brent, you ready?”

“Yeah. Coming.”

“That’s my cue.” He winked at her and smiled.

They began playing a heated game of hackie sac. They shouted “OHHH!!!” in excitement as they did their cool moves. Danielle watched intrigued.

“That’s not fair. Elle can’t be our judge; she’s on Brent’s side.” Jim said.

Brent looked at Jim with a serious look “Were all friends here bro.”

Danielle didn’t know how to take that “Were all just friends.” So their just friends? She noticed Brent was looking at her for a reaction to what he’d said and as she caught it, he cracked a smile at her. After about fifteen minutes, the bell rang “Aww Man! Just when it was getting good.” Jim said.

“Ha-ha your never gonna beat me.” Brent teased him.

“Lunchtime you’re going down.” Jim retorted.

Since break was over, everyone headed up to their classes. Brent took his time. Elle began walking inside when he said “Hey Elle…” She turned and looked at him to see what he wanted. He gestured her to wait. He gathered his things and he walked up to her and said “Hey…” she smirked and said, “Hey” He reached for her hand, and she blushed, looking down, and embraced his hand. They walked hand in hand with each other into the building as slow as possible. They arrived at the stairwell and walked even slower. Once the bell rang, Brent slowed so dramatically he halted them to a stop. Brent grabbed her other hand, and stared into her eyes. After a few seconds, he leaned Elle up against the wall and he came in closer looking down, breathing into her neck trying hard to control his temptation. When all the students cleared the halls, they were in their most private sacrosanct moment. He looked around to see no one was around, and he reached in and kissed her. Their blood began to boil, as they kissed passionately for a few moments. Breathing heavily, feeling uncontrollable emotions, Brent began to reach under her shirt and in a moment of shock Elle gasped for air, and they grew intense. In a powerful rush of energy, Brent ran his hand down to her lower half of her body, fumbling with her pants button. Elle let out a pleased sigh, and he wanted to go for it. Something stopped him. He snapped out of it before unbuttoning her pants, and just as quickly as he kissed her, he stopped. Brent pulled away, smiled and said. “Nice! Still got it.” Danielle replied “Still got it? He says as if it’s been years since we’ve seen each other.”

Brent laughed a bit. “Just checking to see if it was a fluke. You never know.”

“Yeah? And how did that work out for you?”

“Great… actually… Smell ya later.” He walked off with the biggest grin on his face.

Danielle shook her head thinking “What a silly guy.” And walked contentedly to her class.

The day passed by pretty quickly. Before she knew it, it was after school. And they were all rounding up in the music room awaiting Hoff to show up for practice. Out of boredom, they decided to play around with Jax’s truck. Jax drove around the school a few times, while they rode in the back. A thrilling misadventure. It was a small adventure, and a small piece of time, but Brent reached over and grabbed Elle’s hand and smiled at her adoringly. They were at their perfect bliss. Together happily enjoying a world of fun. Being kids. Brent was burning flames in Danielle’s heart she’d never felt before. He was making her feel like none had ever made her feel in the past. A light burning bright within her, he was bringing on the early stages of healing her soul.

Practice was over before they knew it, but Elle always had to wait about an hour after practice for her dad to pick her up. Jax offered to give her a ride home, but Danielle and her father were so close she immediately thought about the repercussions of leaving without telling him so she said, “I should probably wait for him. He doesn’t have a cell for me to call, and I’d hate for him to come looking for me here and freak because I’m gone.” Slightly impressed with her response Jax offered to stay with her and wait until her dad got there. Brent decided he should wait too. They hung out and talked for the better half of the hour. Jax had to get going. Brent opted to stay behind and wait with Elle. “You don’t have to wait with me. It’s fine.”

“I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I allowed something to happen to you.” He replied. This statement brought utter happiness through her body. She thought to herself “Did he just seriously show genuine concern for me?” Brent reached around her to give her a hug, and that’s when her father drove up. “Oops…”

Brent pushed away quickly and fearsome. “What’s wrong?” Elle asked.

“The last thing I need is to show disrespect in front of your parents.” He replied.

Danielle turned to see that her father had caught the tail end of his hug. Danielle’s father was logical. He wasn’t impulsive and wasn’t quick to reacting. Most importantly he had a lot of confidence in his daughter. He stared down at Brent, and Jax. Danielle knew he was aggravated. She knew she needed to bring down the heat so she killed the silence by saying, “Hey dad. This is Jax and Brent. They chose to wait with me until you got here. They didn’t want anything bad to happen to me.”

“I see.” Her dad made eye contact with both of them. As if he was trying to question their motives. Nervous, they said, “Yes sir.”

Danielle let out an awkward “Ok…Thanks guys. I’ll see you tomorrow.” And hopped into her dad’s truck. She waited in anticipation, assuming he would tear into her, or at least be really upset. But her father stayed quiet. They drove quietly for a while before her dad spoke up, “You know Elle, It looks bad when you’re hanging out with a bunch of boys and you’re the only girl. Your mother would be upset about this.”

“Two boy’s dad, and they’re both just friends.”

“That doesn’t matter Elle. Other people will always see things differently.”

“I know daddy. But they really are just a couple of my friends from music, and they were really just trying to look out for me. It wasn’t what it may have looked like.”

“It sure looked like something to me Elle.”

She looked back into her past and thought about what someone with bad motives was like and how she’s experienced bad motives before, and mustered up a well thought out response, “Daddy… Trust that I know when someone has bad motives. Can you just trust that I know that?”

“Ok Elle. But I don’t want to see you hanging out alone with a bunch of boys again. Are we on the same page?”

“Yes dad. I won’t do that again.” She looked over and smiled at him. She respected him so much. She’d always listen to him even if it meant sacrificing her happiness in order to avoid disappointing him. She knew what it could have looked like. She didn’t want to create problems for her parents more than she’d already caused. So she decided to keep her cool and agree with her father’s wishes.

They grew quiet the rest of the way home, but as they drove down their long and winding driveway, Danielle grew curious about one aspect. “Dad. What made you stay calm with my friends earlier?”

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“Well I’ve seen you get upset with people before, you sure know how to make someone feel stupid.”

“I wasn’t going to embarrass you Elle.”

“Why not?”

“Because Elle…patience is a virtue, and a person’s reaction to certain situations defines who they are. I prefer to know what situation I’m handling before dealing with it. Now if you had told me they were doing you harm, I would go to school tomorrow and set them straight. But they are your friends. Imagine how overreacting would have made you look.”

With that said, her father gave her something new to contemplate. She drifted off into her thoughts and began thinking about the reason’s he did what he did. Danielle knew if anyone could stimulate her inquisitive mind, it would be her father. He could get her to ponder any concept well, and with great perspective.

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