Poem: Thoughts of the Day (Writing Prompt 12-13-14)

The morning sun shined through my window.

I awoke, to start my day.

I began reflecting on my dream.

Cloudy fog befell around me.

A group of couples facing each other.

Relationship advice?

Suddenly it turns into a game show.

We’re being quizzed about marriage, rings, and first crushes.

Jay appeared on my left, and I was approached with this question.

First crush?

Off to my left, there he sat, cracked a smile, and I smiled back.

An older couple sat off to my right.

While my Jay held me tight.

What in the world is going on?


I’m awake now.

I realize his lil’ bro is visiting next week.

They haven’t talked in several years.

Something’s brewing.

This I Know.

The visit.

The dream.

He’s getting married again.

Another thing he does to hurt me.

As my Jay connects with me, and laughs away.

I realize.

He battles all of my defenses on the daily.

I guess sometimes I overlook it.

I AM hard to please.

I AM hard to keep up with.

Despite how big a wall I build, he just keeps on digging through.

Today, I’ve reflected.

I realize now, if he was worth anything, he’d had seen me for me.

My day has been fuller, happier, and achieved.

Revelations appear to me.

I know my story is interesting.

One heck of a thrilling ride.

My biggest combatant

Is re-living those emotions.

If only I could have seen this sooner

Everything would already be clear.

Inhibitions; ingrained deep.

My first, and foremost experience was the death of my heart.

Today, I see it differently.

He wronged me.

He had his second chance.

It was his last.

I’m done because I say I’m done.

No dust will stay behind.

With great inner-strength, I’ll stand strong.

It is one of my best qualities.

Revelation #2

Just do what you gotta do and the rest will come through.

Silent storms are most definitely best

When no one sees them coming, they get hit the hardest.

As if to say the calm before the wake

Watch and see what happens next.

Life is full of trials and tribulations.

Overcome is what I know best.

I’ll keep following those dreams I have.

And only those who keep up will stand a chance.

Very few, have known my wounds.

Those that do, have a sacred place within my heart and soul.

I’ll remember those who cared

For, I will be there for them in return.

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