“A Journey Endured: The Danielle Chronicle’s” (Ch.6 Is This Love?)

“It was so surreal yet lucid.”

“I was sitting in a cafeteria. I sat alone slightly anxious and afraid. At any moment, something scary was going to bust through the double doors ahead of me. Now why in the world am I sitting here waiting for something to nab me…? I should just leave! I looked outside the window. It was a beautiful day. Crash! There he came through the double doors, chasing me. With a giant butcher knife in his hand. My attacker. I rushed off the table, and headed for the trees. I remember the last time I ran for the forest in a dream. It was… well I’m not doing that again. “HEY!” He came outside. I spun frantically looking for a clearing. He’s coming closer. I ran. I then noticed I was no longer looking at a cafeteria, but a house. I ran to the front side of it, and realized there was a driveway. I turned to look back, and there he was. I jolted down the driveway tripping over my feet. He was gaining on me. I was petrified; this attacker is always after me. Why can’t I just have normal dreams like everyone else. Suddenly, it dawns on me, I’m thinking! I ran by a tree and curved around it pulling its branch with me. I let go, letting it smash into him. This gave me more time to get away, because it flung him backwards, leaving him dumbfounded. Whoah that was awesome! I came to the end of the driveway and in the clearing, I now looked at a paved parking lot. I spun around to see the trees were gone, along with my attacker. Woo! My first victory! The wind picks up and blows my hair furiously, and I almost blow away with it. I hear a loud buzzing noise and look up in the direction its coming from to see a UFO landing at my feet. Frozen, and scared. I’m just too shocked to do anything. The door opens and two alien robots roll out. Planes are flying by in the air and I hear battle cries. I start to flare up, preparing to run and one says “Wait… we come in favor of..…”


What the heck!!!!!! I look at my alarm five more minutes until it goes off. You gotta be kidding me!

Danielle stirred, as she awoke to the sound of a goofy cartoon in the background. Her sister had turned on the TV to watch while she got ready. The main characters alarm went off to wake him up and instead of a traditional sounding alarm the alarm was a clock with a face character that was saying “alarm, alarm, alarm… alarm, alarm, alarm… alarm, alarm, alarm.”

“Did that seriously enter my dream?”

“Dang Jen, can’t you wait til’ people wake up before throwing the TV on?”

“You were gonna wake up anyway. What’s the big deal?”

“Whatever!” Elle rolled her eyes. Her relationship with Jen was always somewhat bittersweet. Jen was older and always slightly resentful of Elle. They had their good moments but not a lot.

Elle sat up thinking “I don’t even remember falling asleep. Spaceship! Aliens! Am I going crazy?”

Danielle shrugged this thought off, remembering it’s a school day. While reflecting on her dream she couldn’t understand what it could have possibly meant. It obviously had some significance. One thing she knew for sure; she was able to control what happened with the tree. “Huh… That was new.”

Jen came into the bathroom and started romping on Elle, making it difficult for her to finish getting ready. They began bickering until their mother came in to stop them. “I don’t care who started it, you guys need to stop it NOW!” Elle was left even more unsettled. Her day was off to a bad start. Elle was running late, and was pretty disheveled because of her morning.

Danielle walked into the music room, and the door slammed behind her. It was strange. The moment the door slammed, Brent looked up from his group of friends. As they caught each other’s eyes, he knew something was wrong. More importantly, they froze in a moment of peace with one another. Everyone turned their heads slowly; they noticed a sudden surge of energy flow around them. Brent stopped what he was doing to walk up to Elle and say, “Hey…” Everyone froze around them. “Hey back.” She said. Suddenly everyone around them seemed to just disappear.  Brent must have seen her turmoil because he had a concerned look on his face. Rather than asking her what’s wrong or telling her to not be sad, he smiled and said “Elle, let’s take a walk.” Meanwhile, everyone in the music room didn’t know what hit them. When Brent and Elle connected, it was as though a silent tornado blew through. Mouths were hanging wide open, and gasps were all about. Whispers stirred, and questions grew louder. It was as though Brent and Elle’s union created magic.

They walked into the hallway where they could be alone. Instead of prodding her for answers about her mood, he just plotted to distract her instead. He grabbed her hand, and walked her into the main lobby of the school. They sat down on the wall seat. Sitting quietly for a moment, he was formulating what he was going to say.

“You should smile more often. You never know who’s falling in love with it.”

Elle took that with some shock. “Oh… Yeah? And who’s keeping score? You?”

“Maybe… or maybe I just like your smile.”

Elle blushed, and became quite enamored with Brent. She looked at him and smiled. He smiled back and stared into her eyes. Because of her past, she struggled to make eye contact with anyone. In fact, making eye contact made her very uncomfortable. With Brent, she was at ease. Eye contact was different with him. They stared off into each other’s eyes, and Elle saw a flame in his eyes like no other. Even in their eye contact, they could feel their desires growing. Brent shook his head and cleared his throat. Elle became content because she knew this guy was hers.

After breathing it off Brent asked, “Did you get in trouble?

“Not even.”

“Yeah right! Your dad looked pissed.”

“He just said he didn’t want to see me alone with a bunch of boys anymore.”

“So what does that mean? We can’t hang out anymore?”

Elle was a wizard with words. Her special talent was her puns, her wits, and her play on words. She looked at Brent with her sarcastic look as if to say duh!

“He said he didn’t want to SEE me with a BUNCH of guys Brent, he didn’t say anything about seeing me with ONE guy.”

Brent thought about what she just said. “Huh… You’re a sly one aren’t you?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” She smiled.

“So as long as you’re not with me when he shows ups, were good?”

“Indeed.” She stood up and began walking away.

“Hey wait!” Brent called out. Elle turned back and saw his cute grin and his arms reaching for a hug, so she walked up to him and went for it. That hug lifted her. It was exactly what she needed after her sister made her feel down in the dumps. After a few minutes, Brent released his grasp and Elle stepped back looking down blushing and smiling.

“Now that’s more like it.” Brent said while smiling himself. His bright smile lit her heart in so many ways. They walked back down the quiet hallway in the perfect moment of bliss. As they approached the door, Danielle started to reach for the knob to open it. Brent rushed ahead of her saying “NO!” taken back by this Elle looked at him with her piercing eyes. He smiled and said, “I got it.” She wasn’t really sure how but she knew it in her bones that this boy cared for her far deeper then he let on. It was often that whether they were near or far apart their kinetic energy was so powerful they could always feel each other, and stay connected. Brent didn’t need a guide to understanding Elle. Maybe that’s why she began to fall for him because, she knew no one could understand her like he did. She wasn’t sure how he really felt about her only what she felt but he definitely meant something to her.

“Good morning class. Today we’ll be marching. So grab your things and come with me outside.”

No one argued with this notion. Who doesn’t want to be outside on a lovely day? And a beautiful morning it was. The birds were singing on the highest tree tops, and they had fun doing their marching drills. The discipline it took for Elle to concentrate and focus on the drills came easy to her, because of her father’s past in the military. He was a drill sergeant so she had previous experience with such activities.

“Atten hut!” they all stood in command. “Forward hut!” Hoff shouted. And they began marching forward.

“Left. Left. Left. Right. Left.” The upperclassmen said to keep everyone in line with the right foot. Naturally John was a goof and during the second set of “Left. Left. Left, Right. Left.” He began singing “I don’t know but I been told.” Breaking everyone out of their focus into a burning laughter. “HEY!! Atten Hut!”

“Oops.” Now Hoff’s Mad.

“You think it’s funny? Well no one’s going to think it funny when you’re standing in front of them making fools of yourselves. Take it seriously, or get out of my class.”

“Ohhhhh, burn!” Brent told John. “You too Mr. Mosley.” Brent quieted pretty quickly after that was said, and looked down with an OK-take-it-seriously look.

“Band! Atten hut…Horns Up… The whistle blows tweet, tweet, tweet tweet, tweet!”

The band played their song intended for the March and Hoff yells “Forward march!” and off they go. Achieving the goal. Afterwards, they did a few more drills involving pivots left, pivots right, and 360 angles, and scoop left, scoop right.

Just as the class was coming to an end, Hoff mentioned a 6 hour Saturday practice coming up. “Ahhh man!” the crowd let out. “I want to sleep in on Saturday.”

“But we have a performance Friday. Isn’t that enough?”

“Class! We have a lot coming up and we must still prepare for concert season at the same time. No more griping. This counts as your grade.” Ding! The bell rang.

The rest of the day went by fairly quickly. Before they knew it, they were at after school practice working on more drills. Danielle and Brent always seemed to gravitate to each other as if an invisible tether connected them. Finding each other wasn’t a difficult task for either of them. She walked into the front door and there he was, standing there staring in anticipation as if he was waiting specifically for her. Brent always cracked a smile for Elle. She got to see a softer piece of his heart when his other friends only saw his tough side.

“Ugh! There comes Elle…Why don’t you just go home?” John said. John didn’t care for Elle, and it was becoming more evident in the last two months that they’d been in school. Elle was slightly offended by this. Since when does it matter to him if she’s there or not? Brent stepped in and said “Cut your shit bro, you have no right to talk to her like that.”

“Says who?”

“I do! And that’s good enough.”

Brent was quite protective of Elle. Anytime someone picked at her, or made her feel threatened, she didn’t know why but he always stood by her side through everything. At least he had been in the last two month’s that they’d known each other. They didn’t have much time to hang out during practice, but afterwards Danielle knew she was in for a wait. To her surprise, Brent had planned to wait with her.

After all the students left Elle sat, somewhat strained from what John had said earlier. Brent came to sit next to her on the bench out front. “Hey.” Elle lifted her head slowly to look at him, saying nothing. He continued, “You’re too special to be down. Come on let’s go for a walk.”

Elle smiled again thinking “Wow! he really knows how to charm a girl doesn’t he?” He reached for her hand and they were off, walking towards the back of the school. An hour is a very long time. They grew bored quickly. They found themselves a roof to climb.

“You sure you want to climb up Elle? Because you’re a girl and what not.”

“Whatever, I bet I can climb a roof better than you.” She retorted. She drifted off into thought about the many times she’d climbed roofs with her cousins, and neighborhood friends. Suddenly, the cold hard chill of remembering the neighborhood boy, seized her body to a frozen halt. Brent looked at Elle “Hey.” “Hey. Yeah?” She said. He cracked that smile and said “You go first. I’ll boost you. When they reached the top, they sat near the ledge. Elle was still shrugging off the thought of the neighborhood boy and in the same moment Brent put his hand on her leg causing her to flinch. He pulled away concerned. “Are you alright Elle?”

“Yeah. I’m… just… I’m fine.” She shook her head as if shaking something of it.

They sat quietly for a moment Elle knew she’d made the moment tense so she chimed in with, “When I was younger, I’d stare up at the sky and wonder if since the world is covered in 96% water if the sky was actually the ocean.” Brent laughed for a moment. “That’s pretty interesting.”

After the tension died down he asked, “Elle… why did you flinch when I put my hand on you, and why do you jerk when people get to close?”

Elle was shocked by the question and she knew she had to be honest with him because he was too smart for just subtleties.

He continued, “Is it that hard to answer?”

“No… I … Just… Let’s just say, I’ve been taken advantage of before. I’ve had things done to me, and not by choice.” She placed her head down in shame. Tears began to boil at her eyelids. Brent looked at her with pure empathy in his face. He reached up his hand and wiped the tears from her cheek, pulling her hair out of her face and said, “I’m sorry.” Elle’s stomach started fluttering with fierce butterflies. He reached his arms around her and sat quietly with her hugging her for several minutes until he finally broke the silence and said, “Nothing is more peaceful than enjoying the quiet.”

“That’s for sure.” She replied.

“If you want me to move just let me know.”

“This is fine. Perfect actually.”

They watched their feet dangle off the edge of the rooftop. Brent turned his head towards Elle and began kissing her. Their kiss grew passionate. They began running their fingers through each other’s hair and felt ultimate desire. Brent started laying Elle onto her back, and kissed her fiercely but stopped when he pulled up for air. Breathing heavily she stared into his eyes and he stared back. The kiss was more passionate than it had ever been in the past two months. Maybe it was because Brent got to see a part of her that no one else knew and felt more connected with her. She asked, “Are you OK? Did I do something wrong?”

“No… Just needed some air. Don’t want my hormones to get the best of me.” Looking off into the distance he went on to say. “Let’s move away from the edge.” He stood reaching for her hand to come with.

“I didn’t understand the Whys or the How’s but I always felt comfortable trusting him.”

They sat down in a graveled patch of the roof, staring at each other. Butterflies were twisting and churning her stomach. She was nervous. With no one in sight they were alone. Their desires were burning. Just two kids and their passion for each other. Brent kneeled in again to kiss her and their blood began to boil. Breathing heavily from a simple touch. He started reaching his hand under her shirt. She reached hers under his. This aroused them heavily, so heavily they began breathing even harder. Giving him the chills he backed away with his heart pounding hard.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I just… it’s… Give me a minute.”

“Its OK Brent. I’m not scared of you.”

“Yeah but I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.” She smiled deviously.

“Ha-ha. Yeah right. You’ll probably go running and screaming.”

“I’ve seen one before, I think I’ll be fine.”

“OK… Don’t go get scared.”

“Try me.”

Brent pulled his pants down, and started kissing her again. He ran his fingers across her abdomen making her sigh in satisfaction. He slowly ran his fingers below her belly button and began fumbling with her pants button. He leaned her backwards and they laid horizontal on the rooftop. He pulled her pants down and now they were both hanging out in their underwear. Hearts pounding and blood rushing to their heads, they continued. Danielle rolled him over and got on top of him and started kissing his neck in a slow pattern going downward. The closer she got to his belly button he began squirming. Enthralled. He reached his hands out to stop her. Sat up, and started making out with her. Laying her back down, he kissed her neck and slowly worked his way to her waist. Reaching inside her panties, he ran his finger inside the lining, until finally, slowly but surely he slipped his finger inside. Gently, soft and slow. Danielle hadn’t felt bliss like this. She shivered and let out a noise. He then knew it was OK to continue. He began going faster. Kissing her frantically, Elle then reached her hands inside his boxers and felt his raging erection. She thought to herself, “Wow… He’s hard.” Their desire was becoming fierce. He was making her wet. Suddenly, he pulled away. They were breathing heavily trying to catch their breath.

“Is everything OK?” Danielle asked.

“Uh… Yeah… I just need to gather myself.”

This time, she kneeled in to kiss him. A simple kiss instantly fired them up. Brent stopped again.

“I’m sorry.”

“No… it’s not you.” He said.

He took his time and stared at her. “I just…..” He couldn’t help it. He started kissing her again and pulled her panties off. He slipped his finger inside again and Elle began shaking with ecstasy. She pulled his underwear down and they stopped for a split second to re-evaluate their position. With their half-naked bodies exposed, he began kissing her again and before they knew it their passion was on overdrive. He wanted her more than ever now, and she wasn’t about to stop him. He began the attempt to slip himself inside of her. Elle bit her lip and closed her eyes and made a light pleased sound. Their faces flushed he began to go inside when suddenly he stopped. And back away somewhat frightened. Leaving Elle hot and bothered and ready for a thrilling moment. She caught her breathe and said “You really gotta make up your mind here. Do you want to or not?”

“I just….don’t want to jump the gun… We should….”

He cleared his throat and said “We should probably make sure your dad’s not already here.”

Elle forgot. “Oh shoot what time is it?”

They stared at each other while they dressed. What a moment, to come back from. He broke the silence by saying, “I’m sorry I did this with you.”

“Don’t be… you were just fine.”

Danielle knew he wanted her terribly, but she also saw his internal struggle. She knew he was scared to go that far with her. “We should get going.” He said.


They climbed down from the roof. He went first so he could help her down. While she climbed down, he placed her on the ground. He stared at her for a moment, and pinned her up against the wall to say, “You know Elle… your cool as shit.” He kissed her again and her loins began to burn for him. She wanted him more than ever now. Especially because she just almost did and he chickened out. They broke from their embrace and decided to not walk to front of the school together. He went a separate way. Elle reached the front of the school and her father was just pulling up. He smiled at her and stopped. “Hey Elle. How was your day?” She cracked a smile and laughed a bit “Fantastic!”

“Good to hear.”

During her ride home, she sat on cloud nine. She was falling in love with a boy who respected her enough to know when to slow down. She couldn’t help but think “He’s such a tease. He makes me want him even more.”

“Elle you alright? You’re a little distant.”

“Yeah dad. I just had a long day. I’m kind of tired.”

That day, even though it was only a giant tease, she was growing strong feelings for Brent. She knew she liked him and definitely wanted more from him then what she was getting now. She was bound and determined to get it from him too. Not very many knew about their secret getaways and those that did knew exactly when to make themselves scarce. One thing she was certain of. She had found her true love.

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