If I were to go anywhere in the world…

If  I could go anywhere in the world right now, I would go to Germany for another taste of my favorite Kinder-eggs (delicious hollowed chocolate with an authentic toy inside) and to visit Fantasia Land, maybe. It is something special I did as a kid with my family.

Ireland: I’d love to know more about the other-side of my roots. Curiosity, I suppose.

So here’s the thing.

This writing prompts wack!!

I want to go all over.

I like to explore.

Daring, spunky, wise, and beyond.

I want to write a poem

Sometimes I feel lonely

and then remember, “I got this.”

I’ve got these things weighing on my mind.

they’ve got a hold on me.

Nothing seems to shove them away.

simplistically, a cold hard wall.

I drown it all out, like its going down.



life is a roller-coaster ride.

things we dream, become our realities.

hopes we seek, become our survival.

hearts beating, until their last click.

A world of unknown.

A home to grow in.

We strive, to survive.

So, yeah. I don’t know… I should probably get back to the subject… places right. Italy would be nice, I’d love to experience the food. Finally, New Zealand, because it is most definitely a beautiful and wondrous place.

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