“A Journey Endured: The Danielle Chronicle’s” (Chapter 7 Ups and Downs)

                    “It was hard to wipe the sleep off of my face.”

It was Saturday morning, and instead of sleeping in like Danielle generally liked to do, she was up at five in the morning getting ready for the long day ahead.

“Grumble grumble , grumble.”

The only things she truly looked forward to was playing her instrument, and Her secret pleasure, Brent. As she sat on her bed putting on her clothes, she pondered about last night’s events. Brent, Elle, Mira, Kiana, Jax, and a few others had initiated a game of “slap the bottom” with the objective of: if you weren’t paying attention, then your bottom was a target. Throughout the evening they performed and also had some fun with their inside game. What resonated with Danielle the most was that Brent tried to grab her breasts and waste, not just her butt. At one point, they began kissing until Mira and Kiana walked in on their moment.

“What are you two doing?”  Kiana said.

“None of your business.” Brent snapped.

Jax came out of nowhere to say, ” I guess the stairwell just wasn’t enough for you guys, huh?”
Brent and Elle were both slightly embarrassed. They got called out. Caught. Brent became annoyed and said,

“Hey man I thought we were all having fun and games”

“Ya? Well if that’s all it is, then lets see you kiss Kiana.” Mira said.

Jax noticed the shock in Elle’s gasp and knew instantly this wasn’t going to be pretty. Brent walked up to Kiana and kissed her. Elle quickly looked away. She fought back the sadness wondering if he’d enjoyed it, and was happy about doing it, or if he did it just to prove a point.  Jax always treated Elle somewhat like a big brother treats his baby sister, and looked at Elle with slight concern because even he knew Brent’s actions had to hurt her.

“Come on, let’s go get ready to play the last stretch.” Jax said while putting his arm around Danielle, and they walked back.

Now putting on her socks, Danielle sighed. Brent left her ever confused. She wasn’t really sure what they were anymore. The nervousness of not knowing always made her anxious. Danielle had a tendency to enjoy being told like it is. When someone withheld information from her, it drove her crazy.

Danielle, walked into the music room and there was Brent hanging out with Blaine and Jim.

Danielle and Brent were told to search for specific parts of music for their upcoming solos in concerts. They searched through stacks of sheet music. Elle stood up near the wall shuffling through music, while Brent subtly watched her. She felt a surge of energy pass over her and she looked directly into his eyes to see him shedding a soft smile at her. He put his stack of music down and then pulled hers out of her hands and set them down as well.

“What?” Danielle asked.

“Nothing…I just….” He leaned in to kiss her and in a moment of surprise Elle’s heart began beating like a caged creature. Brent was fully in tune with her because his too began a rapid patter. He ran his hand through her hair and kissed her fiercely, slowly, leaning her into the wall behind them. Suddenly a loud clinking noise distracted them and they saw the elevator cords moving.

“NO WAY! That’s the control box to the elevator.” Brent said.

“It’s Saturday and no one’s here.” Elle mused.

“Good one. Let’s go for a ride.” So he walked down the narrow opening to turn on the gears and they headed up to the elevator, and rounded up Blaine and Jim along the way. They rode it up and down a few times. It was a blast! Jim and Blaine grew bored fairly quick. They decided to get back to the music room and finish the song they were working on. Elle began to follow, but Brent put his arm up to stop her. He laughed at the guys “K… well, smell you later.”  As soon as the elevator door closed Brent pinned Elle against the wall inside the elevator and began kissing her neck. He reached under her shirt and started pulling it up so he could nibble on her breasts. She let out an electrifying sigh. It thrilled him so much that he kissed her lips, and in their heated moment, he picked her up and began passionately touching her body, and making out. He began to fumble with her pants and just as they began breathing heavily, and he slipped his finger inside her, he grew hard, and ready for action. The elevator door dinged, and opened. Sure enough, Danielle and Brent were caught in the act by Blaine and Jim. Their mouths hanging wide open, they froze in their tracks. Brent gently placed Elle back on her feet, and they both gathered themselves. Jim broke the silence “OHHHH!!… SH…. Gettin’ it on. Brent turned to him and said, “Not even. Don’t say a word, or your dead. Hear me?” Elle was über embarrassed. Especially because she knew Jim and Blaine liked her too. She felt like she had disrespected them. They would never see her the same.  She put her head down in shame thinking “Crap. Now everyone’s gonna know. Imagine how it’s gonna make me look?” Brent noticed her inner struggle so he grabbed her hand.  looking at Blaine and Jim, “Don’t make a mockery out of this. This is something you can’t even begin to understand. Alright.”

They looked at each other a little weirded out. “Cool bro then let’s move on.” Brent made sure to hold Elle’s hand until they were gone. “We’ll there goes our cover.” She said.

“Nah. We’ll prove them wrong.”

“Why prove them wrong. Why not just make it known.”

“People don’t need to worry about us, or our business Elle.”

She wasn’t really sure how to take that, and she was starting to like him a lot.

“We better get back. People are gonna start wondering”

“Yep” Elle said sarcastically.

He replied, “To be continued.”

Danielle was left standing in confusion. She wanted more than anything to know exactly how he felt about her, but he usually avoided the subject when she brought it up. With a lot of frustration, she shrugged her head pushing the thought away, and walked back to the music room.

The rest of the day went by fairly quick. Brent and Elle didn’t generally cling to each other during rehearsal, or during other things. Often, they’d slip away in separate directions just for a small moment of time with each other. After lunch the group had gotten pretty overstimulated, so Hoff cut practice short, because they were making giant strides with their success. REWARD!

While driving home with her father and mother that day, her parents decided that they wanted to grab a late lunch. They kept looking at her strange. She had a giant grin on her face that she didn’t realize was so obvious. She looked pretty content. “Elle. You alright there, you look like your floating inside the clouds.”

Elle looked up in shock. Slightly worried that her mom knew exactly what she was thinking. She did feel like she was floating in the clouds. She was falling in love with a boy she’d never think for one second could earn her good graces.

Three Days Later:

During lunchtime, Elle sat with a few of her friends from her middle school days, but it had been long since they bonded over similar things. While eating with them, she was growing bored listening to the criticisms they were making about other girls, and chatting about mindless nothings.  Danielle knew even though Skyla was in her music class, that they were all growing apart. Skyla didn’t like this not one bit. In fact, it created a jealous rage that Danielle was unaware of until it was too late.

After finishing her food, she decided to take off and hang out with her new friends. There was no longer enough mental stimulation from her old friends to keep her attention. She walked down the cement steps and for some strange odd reason the pull of energy began dragging on her yet again. She followed her instincts and lo and behold she found Brent without even trying. Brent, Shane, Jim, Blaine, and Brent’s closer friend Santos, were playing hackie sac inside a hidden nook within the school grounds. “Elle… Stand in.” Brent said. The disdained look on Santos face weighed over everyone. Santos hadn’t cared for Elle all that much, and she knew it. Ever since middle school he had it out for her. Now, Brent, Blaine, Jim, and Shane were her friends, so she tried not to let it bother her. Santos looked around at all of the guys and then back to Elle and said, “UGH! Not you!! Go away you’re not welcome here.” Danielle wasn’t surprised by the distaste and looked at Blaine and Jim. They simply put their heads down as if bummed to be caught in the middle of this debacle. Brent chimed in, “What’s your deal bro? She’s cool.”

“She’s gonna ruin our bro time.”

“How would you know? Leave her be. She’s cool. Just another one of the guys but a girl on the outside.” Jim said.

Santos looked at Blaine, Jim, and Shane for support in his claim, but as soon as Brent said his peace they all broke out in mutters “Yeah. She is pretty cool.”

Elle wasn’t like most girls, they could make silly boy connotations in front of her, without offending her and often she could out-wit them in their jokes. She had gained her place in the group. Accepting his defeat, Santos gave in and said, “K. whatever. Cool. Can we get back to our game now?”

Brent moved over to let her slip into the circle next to him, and grinned at her. Unknowing of why, she smiled back and shrugged it off. During the next moved Brent managed to kick the hackie sac straight into her chest, landing it perfectly in her bust. “OHHH!” the guys broke out.


“Nice catch Elle.” Brent said sarcastically. Brent walked up to her to grab it off her chest. And grabbed her while he did.

She looked at him and instead of getting mad slightly blushed said, “That’s why you grinned. Devious one aren’t you.”

“Only you would know.”

Blaine and Jim broke out into laughter because just three days ago they had busted Elle and Brent getting pretty heated with each other. As if to say “an inside joke.”

That silenced her from saying anything else because she knew what could come of it.

“What’s so funny?” Santos asked.

“Your upper lip.” Brent replied.

Elle blushed a bit because. She knew that was his decoy to get close to her, and she smiled at him.

“Dang Danielle. Don’t flatter yourself. It was an accident. I doubt he would have touched you unless he had too.” Santos said.

This time Jim chimed in, “Says you.” And looked at Blaine and they laughed again.

“What do you mean?” Santos asked.

“We all have music together, there’s more to it then you know.”

Santos looked at Brent slightly shocked “Is this true?”

Brent replied “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

He walked up and stood by her and then continued, “So stop being a dick to her because she’s my friend.”

     There it was again. That “friend” word. It weighed down in my chest like bag of melting chocolate.

Brent put his hand on her waist and for some odd reason, Blaine and Jim took that as their cue to get going. “Come on Shane.” Jim said. “We’ll see you guys after school. Don’t get in too much trouble now.”

“You know I will.” Brent said playfully, and looked at Elle as if inferring to her.

It was just Brent, Santos, and Elle now. Brent came up from behind Elle and put his arms around her. She blushed in slight embarrassment because Santos was still there and watching.

“I respectfully apologize, I had no idea you guys were a thing.” Santos said.

“A thing?” Brent asked.

“You guys are dating right?”

“Nah. Were just friends. Friends with benefits.” He let out a laugh.

“Better watch it. Your girl might get mad at you for saying that.”

“She better not!”

“Even as the words rolled off his tongue, Elle cringed at the feeling. Like getting stung by a scorpion. “Friends with benefits?”

The bell rang and Mark started to leave “Brent, you coming?”

“Go ahead. I’ll be right there.”

“K. cool” Elle’s heart and stomach began to flutter she knew Brent’s style already and was very much aware of what was going to come. Brent turned to her and leaned in to kiss her but before he could she pulled back and said, “Friends with benefits huh? That’s all this is.”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

“Not acceptable. I’ll see you later. Gotta get to class.”

“Elle. Don’t get all butt hurt. You know I don’t want a lot of people knowing my business.”

“You disregarded me, to protect your privacy.” Elle looked away with disappointment.

Brent looked down, flustered, still leaning against the wall with Elle. He sighed in frustration and then looked slowly into her eyes and said, “Elle….”  Staring deep into her soul through her eyes.

With those icy, blue grey eyes, and calculating stare Elle never knew what Brent was thinking. But he melted her anger away. Elle began to relax, and breathe nervously. Brent saw he was gaining her good graces again so he leaned in and kissed her. His heart started to beat so rapidly Elle could feel it beating on her chest. This gave her butterflies in her stomach and they became furiously intertwined with one another. Brent now getting better at unbuttoning her pants managed to unbutton them with one hand and slipped his fingers inside.

“EWW! Get a room guys! That’s gross.” Santos said.

“We had one. This was private until you came back. What do you want?” Brent snapped at him.

“I forgot my backpack.”

Both embarrassed and thrilled at the same time, and very much annoyed; their moment was interrupted yet again. Brent looked at Santos and said,” Wait until it happens to you.”

“Uh… Yeah.” Elle backed him up. They all grabbed their bags and began walking to class together Santos was definitely curious during the walk. He kept asking plenty of questions. Until Brent said “Bro! Chill. Were just friends. Leave it be.” And looked at Elle with an apologetic look. Too late. Elle rolled her eyes and said, “I gotta go.” Elle was talented in turning her emotions off and being just as cold and calculating as anyone. Brent felt her cold disdain. She shut him out. He instantly knew he’d messed up. “Elle wait.” It was too late. She was already walking into her classroom.

Sitting inside her class reeling from the strain, anger, happiness, and frustration. She basked in the happiness of how he made her feel but at the same time suffered the internal agony of the confusion of where she really stood with Brent.

Danielle was becoming very confused about this situation. She didn’t know what to do. After school, was her very first sectional practice meaning Brent wouldn’t be there only people who played in the same section as her. She was strained and seemingly upset. Hoff made an effort to be a good role model for his students so during the down time he asked “Danielle, are you OK?”

“I just….Don’t know.”

“Something going on at home you need to talk about?”

“No. It’s not like that.”

“If you need to talk to someone, my office door is always open.”

“Have you ever felt something for someone, but didn’t know if they felt the same way, and you just didn’t know how to tell them?”

“Good question.” He thought on that for a few moments and then continued to say, “Have you thought about writing a letter to express yourself?”

This comment struck a light bulb in her head. “What a brilliant idea! Thank you Mr. Hoff.” That resolved it. Danielle knew what she needed to do next. She didn’t want to be confused, and wanted to know for sure. What better way than expressing herself in the best way she knew how.


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