In Light of the New Year

This year is coming to an end. For many of us, there are joyous moments and some struggles we’ve encountered throughout the year. I suppose the most miraculous part of it all is that we made it through another year. I know you all have been enjoying my short stories, chapters, and poems, but every once in a while, I like to change it up. I recently turned thirty. A lot of things have changed. I feel as though in a blink of an eye, I went from a teenager in high school, to an adult overnight.  This year alone, I had many revelations. That is why I’m writing this entry. Today, I’m looking for interaction from my readers because I’m going to ask,

“What have been your highlights of the year?”

“How far did you come in your career this year?”

“How much did you learn through your journey this year?”

“What kept you going this year?”

“What revelations did you have this year?”

“What hopes do you have for the oncoming year?”

Personally, I reconnected with lost friends, and realized many things in respect to that. I realized that the reason I’m not employed, is because I was born to express through the written word. I’ve learned that friendships are not always real, and many people won’t take a second thought before betraying you. Trust is a huge thing and many people take that for granted. I know that every single person has a life, path, and struggle of their own to bear. I believe the true mark of maturity is when one can understand to see people through a humble mind.  I read this blog on the daily by a fellow Blogger Opinionated Man, and honestly I know he often thinks he’s being harsh but I love him to pieces, just for this purpose. He expresses his opinions with bravery and the knowledge that YES there could be backlash from his words. Honestly, I find his posts very intriguing, and most definitely useful. I read many poems from fellow blogger poets, and I am blown away, and very happy to have so many options of reading material on here every day. If not for another Fellow Blogger Dash McCallen  I wouldn’t even know what to post on here half the time. This community is such an accepting community and for that I am grateful. I live in a very small town. People here are not the most accepting of those who look like outsiders. I am shunned, because I am different. This is most shameful because generally being different means being unique, and unique is beautiful. I have one “Real” friend currently, and she is a beautiful soul. She understands me like no one ever has. I’ve only met one other person who could understand me like that, but even today he would rather play ghost then be in my life.  I follow many blogs on this community, and don’t think for one second that I ignore you. I read every single one of the blogs I follow, and greatly enjoy them as I do.  I had an old classmate come to me a few days ago, complaining about another business that is trash talking the business she manages. To me, I don’t see any benefits to any competitor trash talking. You see, that just makes you look vain, and not worth the customers. I believe this is against all moral value. Successful people do not tear others down, they rise them up. Leaders do not control, they harbor other leaders. Competitors should be colleagues, and help each other grow. Funny little thing about this is, each blogger on here is a “Competitor.” Yet, I find more support on here, then anywhere else.


Because we all know something many do not. Every form of art (i.e. writing, music, painting, crafting) is beautiful, and unique. We appreciate each other’s work because it is the world we know.

While this year is ending, I am grateful for this community, my one “real” friend, my colleagues, and the fact that I could stand strong even in my darkest moments and come out the other end even stronger. Lastly, for the many revelations I’ve had this year.  Yes, I have always been wise beyond my years. Being wise, isn’t something that recently happened.  My #lifelessons and #stuffraresays are things I’ve learned throughout my life, that I shed here for others to see; if I can do it, so can you. I have had a very rocky path. A path that has shaped me into a remarkable person. However, I do not ever look at myself better than anyone because I believe everyone is beautiful, and powerful, and destined for greatness. To all of my fellow bloggers, and my readers, thank you for the daily encouragement, and thank you for the awesome reads, and most importantly thank you all for your kind words in comments.

My biggest highlight of the year had to be, reconnecting with my oldest brother, and when the rest of my father’s family attempted to create a rift between us, hoping to make us fight, we stuck together. We kept our united front through the entire experience. It showed me how close we truly are. This oncoming year, I do hope to finish my novel, and continue growing on WordPress.

With this said, I want to hear your comments too.

6 thoughts on “In Light of the New Year

  1. stephenryanphillips says:

    My highlights, finally getting into my final year of studies. I was messing around in my life and I could not settle into my studies, but now I am ready to face the challenges that will be brought into my life. This is also leading into your second question, as my career is studying at the moment. I recently terminated a contract with my employer due to my studies so, holding thumbs for the year to come.

    I leant the same lesson as you. Friendships nowadays are for show. People do not really fully appreciate those around them. I personally believe it is because of internet/mobility of communication and instant gratification. People have forgotten how to be patient, gentle and understanding.

    What kept me going? My books when I had time for it, my one true friend, and most importantly music. If i did not have music, I really do not know what I would do. Even though I crave companionship, music has always been there for me and whisks me away from most of my negative thoughts.

    Revelation, I must stop doing things for others and focus on myself. Other people will not always be there for me and, mostly, disappoint me. Maybe this is my own fault in terms of how I believe a friendship should work or how two people should respond to each other, but I am not able to escape myself. If I am unhappy with me, only I can change that.

    My hopes for the upcoming year would be to complete my studies and hopefully apply to immigrate. A huge dream of mine is to live in Canada, and this year will bring me one step closer to my dream. I also hope that I can finish one of my books, but I do know that is a long shot with the amount of work I have to do.

    I would also like to say that your work is amazing and you are a welcomed blogger to this site. I have not visited many bloggers, but when your update comes in my email, I make sure to read it because I know it will be interesting and will be a good read. Keep it up and best of luck for your year to come. Make good friends and keep the close ones with you in your journey.

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    • taja36 says:

      Ah a fellow musician. :). The only way to my heart., and a fellow psych. Major, way cool! Anytime you want to discuss psych. You let me know. Thank you so very much it is so encouraging to know my work cant impact someone. Especially, another blogger who presents work i enjoy in return.

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