Just Another Random Poem

My hand, my wrist, they are killing me.
I’ve shed my musings all day long.
Pouring them out, through my soul.
It is my passion.
Everyday, that is my goal.
Today is a day for reminiscing.
Therefore, I write a letter to the ones I love.
If only those lost will see them too.
To those that can, I love you so.
A new year, and a new light.
Don’t ever take for granted.
Because, Life changes in a blink.
That what we have now, can be gone tomorrow.
Live a life without regret.
Endure your world with a great big smile.
I say this now, with all my heart.
For those of you that care, I’ll remember you.
Forever cherishing, and basking in the glow.
beautiful friendships and the things you’ve done.
I do not forget, not one bit.
you are my beautiful places inside my heart, and soul.

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