Writing prompt: It’s my way or the creepy old man who lives outside your ex-girlfriends, stepfather’s windows way….

It’s my way or the creepy old man who lives outside your ex-girlfriends, stepfather’s windows way. But they don’t know that we know they know we know. His uncles brother sisters, best friends, boyfriend, told me that John’s aunties sister-in-law had a broom that her nephew used to fly on SAID, “If you choose his way then you’ll be gravely mistaken. The choice is yours, but each one comes with a separate reality. Choose wisely, for you cannot return to your previous point.”

She thought for a moment, looking back and forth between the two choices that stood in front of her. She breathed in slowly and said,

“Since you’re going to be a prick about it, I’ll choose the creepy old man then.”

“That is your choice. Farewell to you dear.”

The world around began turning black. The odd sensations of whirling winds gushed her into a frozen stupor. She was spinning furiously. Clouded and foggy, she awoke with a feather in her hand. Opening her eyes to a mosaic hanging above her head. The distant sounds of people laughing, brought her to a sitting position. She now noticed that she is in a room with multiple beds, inside cabin walls. “A camp?” she wondered to herself.  The pounding of footsteps approach from behind her. “Stand in soldier…ATTENTION!!” She looked at him with a blank stare. Confusion overpowered her.  She couldn’t bring herself to respond nor follow his commands. He then looked at her with a furious scorn. “Who do you think you are newbie? On all fours now! Give me 5,000 push-ups or your on toilet duty!”

“This guy is serious. Where the heck am I?” She hopped to her knees and began to follow the order. Just as she counted to fifty, the loud tooting of a trumpet let out a call. The noise and chatter coming from outside, silenced and a group of people began lining up in a straight line.

“Get to it soldier. Stand in line” He gestured his head to hint she needed to line up with everyone else. She ran out without hesitation for she didn’t want to tack on more trouble. As she ran outside, he looked at her with a twinkle in his eye, he cracked a crooked grin, revealing a sparkle from a fake silver tooth in his mouth….The weird old man’s world she chose.

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