A World of Change

“It’s not about the outcome, it’s about enjoying the journey along the way”

It’s never really about what you’re doing or choosing to do in life that makes the difference, it’s whether you’re happy along the way while you’re doing it. Dreams, passions, goals, and ambitions are the uttermost important thing to follow. Your heart already knows what your mind does not. The outcome is the end of the book. Whereas the journey is the meat. It is the story. It is your story.  Take comfort in knowing that you’re choosing the path that best fits you, so you can enjoy the ride along the way. Most importantly, slow down, breathe, take it all in, and truly savor it the whole way through. The bad, and the good, because that is what makes you…You.

Life is quite the funny experience. We live, we endure, we experience, we fall, we succeed, we fall apart, we cry, we smile, we hurt, and we get broken. It’s a giant series of emotions. I suppose what makes us unique is how we see others. Within our eyes, and within our mind. Many people take one look at another person and immediately think they know all there is to know about that person. Is this Vain? People seem to hold onto ideals of others based on how they were when they were little, Is this outrageous?

Today, in the modern days, the world around us is constantly changing. We live in an instant gratification world. Life, interactions, love, friendships, relationships, and families have changed. People seem to think a simple message through social media will suffice. Call me crazy but I still believe in calling someone if you really want to speak with them. I wholeheartedly believe that if someone truly wanted you in their life, they’ll make you part of their life, not their social feeds.

Friendships eventually fall apart, it is only those true and true that will stick with you for the long haul. Love these days, do most people even know what it is? I miss the days when raw hard, love, passion, intimacy, emotion and intellectual connection were a reality. Nowadays, people just want to blink and have the benefits handed to them or hop right into the sack.

I have these writing groups I go to where we do prompts I wrote a prompt titled “The Downfall of Love” I’ll post that soon. However, today, my head is filled with all sorts of emotions, people don’t seem to realize how being vain, vague, and downright selfish can cause harm to others. I suppose a true mark of maturity, is when others can look at people through the eyes of wise, and humble enlightenment.

I received a phone call about two weeks ago from an uncle once removed of some sort. He kept pushing this personality on me as if he wanted me to revert to my four-year old self again and perform for him. It was downright shameful. I saw the true colors of an adult many years older than I.  Heart-wrenching.

I believe only those who have experienced and have an undeniably need for knowledge are those who mature farther Beyond the realm of the surface. The underlying meaning is always deeper. More cultured to be exact. I’d like to hope that someday all of those thirty something’s walking the earth today, will stand up and make change. Positive change. The kind of change that will make the world a remarkable place. I live in a community where change is unaccepted. People are so caught up in their own ways, that they leave no room for new ideas. Different causes fear in the eyes of many. That is unfortunate because different is beautiful.

In the grand scheme of things, we really aren’t on this earth for that long. Therefore, I often wonder why many choose to shun others when in reality we should all be empowering those around us.

Relationships, friendships and family are important. It is a well-known fact that we humans are social creatures by nature. What does one do when they lack all those aspects? Many walk this earth not knowing who their true friends are. Many walk this earth struggling to find the right people to fit their lives. Many walk this earth simply throwing it away due to substance abuse, or plain straight out just not caring. There is a thin line. Where do we find the balance?

There is a hidden meaning that we all look, and search for. I remember when I was a kid, and I would hear the old tales, “They say we don’t know the meaning of life until we are about to die.”   Said by many adults around me at a very young age. It always had me contemplating. Of course in recent months, due to specific circumstances; I find myself asking, “What is the point of life, if we are only born to die?” Or “Experiencing the world through the human shell?” Life is mind boggling.

I’d like to conclude this entry by saying the world itself is a beautiful place, why not live within a beautiful social atmosphere as well?


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