A World Crumbling (Poem)

As I went in to do my second segment of bullying with the class, I jotted up a quick poem for them while they wrote their prompts.  Last weeks segment as mentioned in my earlier post “Bullying and Judging”   We talked about the types of bullying and what are the biggest issues involving bullying (I.e their own experiences, situations, friends who have been bullied, and their opinions on it)

This week with part two we focused more on the solution and making a difference. The students came up with a lot of good answers. I enjoyed what I heard. However, not everyone is a lover of writing, so it was a little difficult to get some interested in the prompt at first. Until, I began the timed prompt and threw this out little poem out. I said, “Now if I read mine, will that encourage you to read yours?” At first,  I got a lot of no’s until I read the poem. Afterwards, the students became engaged. I thought I’d go ahead and share my poem for you.


Somewhere along the way.

The world has changed.

Realities growing insane.

Hearts becoming vain.

Every day I walk this path.

Bullies here.

Victims there.



It’s all in the air.

Stifled voices.

Fearful eyes.

It’s time to make a difference.

Children tearing each other down.

When really.

They should empower their existence.

Horrifying events.

Your seeing on the news.

Kids getting abused.

Creative minds getting cut loose.

Into the depths.

Out of this realm.

Somethings gotta change.

Stand up, speak up.

Strong and unafraid.

I believe in something great. 

Creating a world with less disdain.





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