Got This Hold On Me (Poem)

This ones a little rough around the edges. For the sake of posting, here is is anyway. Hope you all enjoy anyway. Have a great rest of your Sunday. 🙂


Maybe It’s true.

Can’t stop loving you.

Every attempt.

At cutting cords.

You reappear.

In my universe.

I try to severe.

Whats left of us.

Tie and conceal.

Through and through.

No matter what.

Can’t close it shut.

Never fails.

It’s unsuccessful.

Even though.

Were so far apart.

One thing is real.

We still got a hold.

Your distance speaks volumes.

Our connection


With each and every.

Failed attempt.

You and I.

It’s in the stars.

Screaming aloud

I’m emotionally drained.

All I want

Is our official start.


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