An Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. Today would be your 46th year together. I suppose you’re up there celebrating together anyway. For me, this date is important. It symbolizes a beautiful, and unique union. An inspirational couple, with many insights, and beautiful stories, and happy years together. Every year I made sure to bask in this/your accomplishment. After mom passed away, I’d avoid saying happy anniversary to dad, but still made sure to spend that day with him for moral support. A year ago today, this day determined a lot. They were almost certain they were getting dad better. In fact, a few days earlier they truly thought they could wean him off life support. Well… Didn’t happen.

I got the call “Ma’am we need to you to come in for your consent on some things.”

“What kind of things?”

“Your father’s white blood cells have severely dropped. We need your permission to give him a blood transfusion.”

“What? Why? His immune system is already compromised. Wouldn’t that be taking a huge risk?”

“Yes. It’s a risk that has a better outcome rate then not doing it at all.”

“OK… Just go ahead and do it with my verbal consent, I’ll be there soon.”


I dialed my eldest brother, and let him know. Alert mode. Now everyone’s freaking out. Something’s up. Three hours later, I’m approached with, “Ma’am we need your consent to treat your father with anti-antibiotics the transfusion gave him an infection.”

I put my head down and sighed. I looked at the nurse with my infamous blank stare and said, “You said the transfusion would work.”

Dumbfounded by my response, she shook her head, and replied, “Yes, well now we must try to fix it.”

“Mhm. You guys knew he had a compromised immune system. There has to be another way.”

Three hours after that, “Ma’am after treating your father with the antibiotics, he contracted another infection, we need your permission to treat him for it.”

“I thought this transfusion was supposed to make things better. Now it’s snowballing.”

“Yes. I’m very sorry ma’am.”

For the next two weeks things grew worse. They were no longer able to pull him off life support. It was no longer an option. Infections kept coming, antibiotics kept pumping. Dad was not getting better.  I knew in my heart of hearts that if anything was going to happen to dad it was going to begin on your anniversary. To awake in a hospital without me there, and missing your wife probably had some significance.

This post goes out to the most beautiful couple I’ve ever met. Mom and dad never fought in front of us. They were always in love, partners through and through. They were a stable sort. Miraculous minds. An inspiration for future relationships, and great teachings into the minds of their children. If I could have something close to what they had, I know I’d be blessed.

This week has been hard for me. As I mentioned in updates; posting would be slow. I have had a lot on my mind. The anniversary of Dads death coming up, it is also your wedding anniversary. These memories, events, and thoughts take a toll on even the strongest of humans. This week it has definitely affected me. I again thank my readers for reading this far. I appreciate the time you took to read through. Every single one of my readers is important to me, and you all should know that.

Mom and dad I truly hope you’re enjoying this day together again. You deserve the eternal happiness you promised with your presence on earth.

Mom: Your resourcefulness, kind heart, your humble eye to see everyone in a positive light, made you an angel on earth.

Dad: Your logic, thinking, strength and wisdom planted sprouts within me that only grow as I teach them.

Together: You gave me amazing qualities and for that, I am forever grateful.

I love you with all my heart. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!


More Chapters, and short stories coming soon!!!




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