You Are the Grace

Exploring the hidden meaning is like putting all the pieces to a puzzle together. Every piece matters. These are the aspects we look for in order to create the whole. For example, i’ve mentioned a few times now that I live in a smaller community. Tomorrow, I will stand before the town council and make a speech. My goal: to encourage both sides of an arguement to become enlightened. Im not siding with one side or the other. I am a non-biased piece of their whole. However, thoughout this year I have seen community members tearing at each other, attacking each other. While, On the other side of the spectrum, I spent an entire year reeling from huge changes created in the last five years, involving my personal life. I suppose I couldnt understand why these small obstacles, requiring solutions, turned into a full on battle. “There is more to life then what meets the eye.” This scenario makes me think about that concept a lot. Tomorrow afternoon I will stand up, and speak up for the sake of making a difference. I will also post my speech once i’ve performed it. In life, what matters most to me, is inspiring and empowering others not only to do great things, or contemplate great thoughts, but to make a impact. We might think “what is the opinion, or voice of one person going to do?” this question only brings me back to my intro. One voice can create ten more, and so forth, creating a trickle down affect. When we come together, we become powerful. We become the change. We only get a little piece of borrowed time on this earth, why not make the best of it, and truly make an impact.

One voice can make a difference, just as it can take only one piece of a puzzle to complete the whole, it only takes one voice to start the trickle. The time has come to make a difference. In our communities, and in the world.

Times are changing.
New leadership approaching.
A world grown so cold .
Its toppeling.
Tolerate it no more.
Let’s make the change.
Bliss is simply acheived.
When People unite within.
Dont be ashamed.
You are the grace.

13 thoughts on “You Are the Grace

    • Rareity says:

      I will post the speech I present tomorrow. I thank you for these kind words. πŸ™‚ if you like this portion then I hope you enjoy the speech.


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