Sounds of Seasons (Poem)

As I sit here Contemplating.

The seasons in terms of sounds.

Summer while vibrant.

Trafficked and loud.

City lights bright.

Animals prowl.

Crickets chirp.

Their summer song.

While rivers bliss.

Sounds calming and strong.

Winter falls.

Close behind.

With silent nights and ominous tones.

Sounds of movement starting to slow.

Animals no longer making their rounds

A pounding whistle of gloomy storms.

Joyous chatter within holidays realm.

Spring appears.

Shortly unknown.

Pastel colors and happy chimes.

Cabin fever.

Leaving all.

Songs of joy.

Filling around.

Sounds of crackling fire pits.

Lighting for the first time of the year.

Horns from bikes.

Ringing their bells.

Let’s not forget the sleepy fall.

Listless sounds of falling leaves.

Scraping the ground.

Fluttering around.

Freezing winds pass by our ears.

While nothing else.

Can be heard.

Excited sounds of children s laughter.

Resonate within our hearts.

Harvest brings forth the mindful days.

Screams of fears on Halloween.

Seasons bring.

Different realities to see.

Often changing our minds and thoughts.

We see.

We hear.

The changing of life.

A full-blown circle comes to pass.

Suddenly much older.

We have become.

26 thoughts on “Sounds of Seasons (Poem)

    • Rareity says:

      Thank you. That is awesome! Your comment helps. It makes me feel as though I managed to acquire my goal of creating the image for my readers


      • ladysighs says:

        Sometimes we have to read so fast to get through the list and we don’t have time to read a poem more than once. I think a poem should be read several times…..out loud. And it would be nice if we could hear the poet read it. 🙂

        I read my own poems tons of times to try to make them sound right. Then after I post a poem I read it again. And then I think……”That doesn’t sound right.” lol

        Liked by 1 person

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