Memories (Poetic Verse)

The last year as been very rough. Internally, I have been a mess. I lost the most impressionable piece of my life, and this week will be my hardest yet. Two days from now, will be the year anniversary of one of the hardest decisions I have had to make. My light, my sun, my hero, my superstar, lifted my soul whenever I was down. I had to make a choice to end your struggle, and everyday I cry for you. I face daily struggles as many do, but now I face them with no guidance whatsoever. In three days, I will finally pass over the one year hump. The day that changed who I am at my core, for I no longer posses the same qualities, and mentality as I did before. I can’t get you off my mind father dearest, you have forever impacted my soul.

14 thoughts on “Memories (Poetic Verse)

  1. ladysighs says:

    This same decision is being made everyday by many others. Knowing that doesn’t make it easier. I hope your good and treasured memories give you strength to pass this anniversary and the ones to come with fewer tears and more smiles.

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