A Final Salute

dad 1541896_1393100850923619_1322006753_n

Today marks the day. A memorable anniversary. I’d like to take today’s post to honor a man I strongly feel is most deserving.  A teacher, a musician, a veteran, a thinker, and an amazing father. His presence spoke volumes. I remember him mostly for the way he taught me, and brought me up. He showed me the value of hard work, and taking pride in your achievements no matter how small. He’d say it didn’t matter how “Little” you did. Every step in the right direction is a leap of faith. My father had many achievements himself. His musical skills, his military experiences and accomplishments, and most likely his children. I want to delve deeper into his life for a moment. My father inspired me in many ways. My first and foremost experiences with him were learning how to play that keyboard, at the little age of two with him by my side. Spending endless days outside handing him tools, while he fixed up cars and trucks. I learned important life lessons, while learning how to change a spark plug all in the same moments. As I grew older and entered my college days, my father spoke a lot of his times in college. Being in the military, he had a full ride to college, but he took pride in that opportunity. He put a lot of effort into his grades. I was truly inspired by him. I strived to achieve half of what he did. My father graduated at the top of the National dean’s list the year he graduated, and also valedictorian. He was a born leader. Inspiring at the very core.  I too attempted heavily to tread in his footsteps, not to make him proud of me, but because I wanted to be the same. A true leader leads by example. My father showed me by his examples every day. His musical talents were remarkable. He wrote several songs, and also played in bands his entire life. I wanted to make mention of one song in particular. I remember listening to many stories that mom and dad would tell, as a little girl. Dad would mention his reasons behind a specific song he wrote. As I grew older, I used to wonder what I’d do with myself for the rest of my life. When I had friends whose parents expected them to follow the family business, or become doctors too, I had my dad with these words of wisdom.

“I can’t tell you what you should do.”

“Why not?”

“Because, it doesn’t really matter what you end up doing, or choose to do, as long as it’s what’s in your heart. If it’s your passion, then you follow it with all your heart. Reach for the stars, and don’t be scared to fall.”

“Dad how do I know what my passion is?”

“Does it make you happy?”


“Then your set.”

With that said, my father wrote a song. He and my mom wanted to have a little girl very much. They gave it another shot. “The third times a charm.” Dad would say.

“Mi hita your mom and I wanted to have a little girl, so we gave it another shot. We reached for the stars and we got what we aimed for.” That’s when it hit me.  Dad mentioned that a song came to him in a dream once, and he shrugged it off. Until, the day he held his baby girl in his arms for the first time, and looked her in the eyes. “There was beauty in that moment” he always said smiling. That was the moment I knew Mis Suenos (My Dreams) could come true. So he went home, picked up the guitar and long behold, he wrote “Suenos” I’d like to share that lovely song with my reader’s today. keep scrolling there are pictures to match, and then another song.

I hope you enjoy.


at the sea (1)   Melanie  dad 2dad 3 (1) Now today, on this anniversary, I have been thinking about both mom and dad a lot this winter. I wrote a song too. I too, have had a song come to me in a dream many years ago. And at some point I’ll share that with you. But today, this post is about commemorating those that I love, so I’d like to dedicate this song to my parents.

mom and dad

Written By: Taja

© 2015


I need better recording material, my apologies for the quality. Hard chords with

no ensemble takes a toll on them fingers

I hope you enjoy anyway.


7 thoughts on “A Final Salute

  1. Foghorn The IKonoclast says:

    I had some of those tan khaki-colored uniforms in the Air Force and we probably served about the same time. Thank you for appreciating him and the service to his and my service to the USA. Back then we were hated in the military. In some cases spit on. These days I would spit back as I too got an education and became a Meteorologist.

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