The Moment of Impact

Sometimes in life we hit speed bumps. It’s important to remember that these moments, how we handle them, how we react in the moment of impact defines who we are. Don’t let that confuse you because despite these moments it’s important that you do not let what happened define who you are. Your character, your inner-strength, your wisdom, your personality, your mind, even your demeanor determines who you are. Remember those keywords. Beauty comes from those aspects not your looks, your body, your hair, your shoes, your clothes, your purse, or your cars, those are all materialistic things. Things you cannot carry with you throughout your life. Memories are what will always be left behind. People will always remember how you made them feel more than anything else you do. It is what we have inside us that matters the most. How we handle our grievances for example; I am the girl who becomes numb to the emotions of funerals because in the moment of distress, I stand strong on my feet, for the sake of the others who need me. The day my mother died, my father looked to me for help on a most bitter decision. For her funeral, I looked over and saw his turmoil. I did what any person with great inner-strength would do. I mustered up all my strength, and I reached out for his hand. I held his hand. I was there for him. Don’t get me wrong. It hurt like H E Double hockey sticks to lose my mom. Every woman needs her mother, but my dad, (my light) I knew hurt more. His life partner, the love of his life lay there gone, only a shell. I stood strong for the sake of the ones I love. I stayed strong to get through it. I did. I do, and I will. Remember, I mention these real life moments as a means to back up my claims. Life is full of hiccups, and obstacles, your mind, your mentality you have going through it defines your true colors. Another example; I had relatives that in true times of need, stopped at nothing to bring me more down than I already was. One in particular, attacked my brothers and I with hurtful words, and behind our backs began trying to turn us against each other. My parents taught us a valuable lesson. As you saw in the last post, I shared a picture of my dad while in the military, hanging out with his three kids on a peer in Germany. We were taught early in life how important it was for family to be close. Rather than family strife, which is something you see more and more these days, we were shown the idea of backing each other up. We had to. We moved a lot early in life, and while what an exciting ride, we only had each other for support, and friendship. Therefore, my point lays within:

“Our rift did not occur because my brothers and I are stronger than that.”

I am grateful for that. A moment of impact is most powerful. It can rip you to shreds, it can break you apart, and it can destroy your insides. I can’t stress this enough. Always choose your words, your actions, and your behavior wisely, because the way you are in your darkest moments, or your spouses, friends, or anyone else’s darkest moments, says a lot about who you are. A moment of silence in a fierce moment of pain, anger, hurt, agony, can save you thousands of ruined relationships. I become numb. To me there is a right place and time for things. I do not engage, I do not feed into, and I close my eyes when I’m about to cry. I breathe, and remember the most important thing there is to know.

You look in that mirror and you see your eyes. Peer into that soul and say “I got this.” because we all do.

Every human goes through loss. It doesn’t have to be a passing of a loved one. It can be a loss of an animal, job, relationship, love, a favorite blanket, etc. no matter what, no matter how small these losses may seem, they do impact us. They change us. That is what we are here to do. “To live and learn.” Courtesy of My Dad.

For any of my readers out there who are experiencing any grief of any sort, I commend you because you are still here, still going, and strong within.


6 thoughts on “The Moment of Impact

    • Rareity says:

      That makes more sense. Thank you! Sounds like yur doing good to especcially considering you expereicned a great loss as well. My past 5 years have been a very hard path for me… I know ive experienced trumas all my life but I do not allow ,my hardships to blind my eyes from seeing others pain. I want to inspire others with my life rather then vicitmize myself I suppose. You have quite an inspiring story as well

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    • Rareity says:

      Thank you for yor comment. We as human experience hardships, its part of life. Everyone has a story, or path theyve gone through. Some hqve many taumas, some are blessed with only a few. Not matter what, these things change us. I happy you could appreciate my post. I m most grateful that I can connect with people and resonate for them.

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