A Thought for Valentines (w/ special poem)

This post goes out to all of my readers on this day. Valentine’s Day. A day for lovers? Maybe not. I believe that love comes in all forms. Whether it’s loving your parents, your children, your brothers, sisters, friends, animals, and work friends. The true purpose of today isn’t just about needing a date, partner, or relationship, it is to celebrate those that we do have to love in our lives. Being grateful for what we already obtain goes farther than focusing on that which we do not have.  Despite the fact that many singles all over my social feeds have been bringing light to their loneliness, I’m here to celebrate their single-hood. To me being single means being free. Free of worry, stress, and the hard work it takes to keep a relationship sustained. Don’t get me wrong. Relationships are great! Provided you’ve found that special someone who works on it, and is willing to work on it just as much as you are.

This is why:

Every relationship starts out great. Immaculate to be exact. It’s said, or so I’ve heard that there is a so-called honey moon period. After two months, things begin to change. Things aren’t so perfect anymore. After a while, you begin to realize whether or not you want to stay together. The downfall of love can be most awakening. It can always go one way or another. It can end mutually, or it can end brutally. Often, ending in tragedy for the people involved. My father used to say, “Let me tell you a little story. Your mom and I didn’t start out perfect right away. We had issues to work through, before having children.” As I’d open my ears with the knowledge, “Here comes another one of his stories.” I would smile intently waiting for the rest. He proceeded to say,

First year of marriage is your happy year.

Your second is a trial.

Your third can either make or break you.

Your fourth can often split you.

But if you make it through your fifth year.

Then you know what my dear.

You are golden.

After that.

You’re in it together.

It may not be smooth sailing.

But you will have something to gain.

 ©  2015 Rareity (courtesy of dad)


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