The Choice (Part 2)

This is my new reality, and I’m stuck here forever. The clouds were parting, and slamming against each other. A loud rambling passed by, and two fighter jets zoomed by so strong, so hard they created a fierce sonic boom. “Janie…Janie….Hey newbie are you deaf?” A young boy Ran up to me. “Uh yeah! My name isn’t Janie.”
“Yes it is, says so on your name tag.”

I looked down only now realizing my cadet uniform, and name tag. The trumpets let out their loud roar.

“Uh oh… We better get in line before serge gets mad.”

“Where are we?” I asked him, before he ran off but he didn’t hear me.

“Come on soldier…Get to it!” Came a large frightening voice. Startled, I jumped and turned. It was the man who greeted me in the cabin when I first arrived. He was tall, wore a round rimmed military hat, with a shaven face full of stubble. His complexion was fair and he was staring at me with a stern gaze.

“So what’s it gonna be soldier? Stand in line, or toilet duty?” I stuttered when I said “Sir where am I?”

“Your choice was clear my dear, now get to it!”

Turning slowly to follow the swarm of cadets lining up, I noticed they were in quite a daze. Most of them looked like robotic drones. Not a thought of their own.

“Alright! Cadets today were going to switch it up.”

He looked over at another captain who replied, “That’s right. Today were undergoing the gauntlet.

“Sir Yes sir the crowd broke out.”

“Shoot I’ve heard of the gauntlets. I heard once you go through it, you don’t come out the same” The boy from earlier now standing next to me said.

“How are you aware? No one else seems real.” I whispered.

“I’m new here.”

“Why would you want to be here?”

“I came looking for my brother.”

“Really why…where is he?”

“You see over their third row from the front…that’s him.”

“Oh…What’s wrong with him? He seems like he is a drone.”

“Exactly. Somethings not right.”

“That’s for sure.”

“I don’t even know how I got here.”

“Really all I had to do was make a choice.” He said.

“The choice. That’s it!” I remembered that silly little choice I made that I’d thought nothing of.

“Names Clint by the way.”  He reached his hand out to shake mine.

“My names Sally…oh ….uh…Janie. I guess.”

“Ha-ha don’t worry my name tag says I’m Steve…oh…Shh! Here comes serge.”

He looked mad staring at us like we were on his next meal plan.

“What’s up with him?” I asked nodding my head towards him.

“I don’t know, but I’ve heard some people talking. They say he’s the keeper.”

“I can’t hear you!” the serge yelled loudly.

I snapped my head forward at attention. This guy was not the guy I wanted to have problems with. He began approaching us when another Cadet missed a step and fell into him. If only in a moment of distraction, I averted his scorn. Things were getting serious. I have no clue where I am. I know I must find a way out. First, I must figure out what’s going on. The weird old man played a trick on me. Now I must figure out a way around it.

Not enough detail Not to fret this is only a piece of a whole 😉 

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