Patience is a virtue…. (Life Lesson)

“Patience is a virtue.”  My father quoted a lot.

A concept I have always appreciated. I suppose I enjoyed his teachings, thoughts and opinions, because every word that came from his mouth was always contemplative, like a puzzle waiting to be solved. I enjoyed the little bits and pieces that came out. He was quite the thinker. Upon pondering this concept, I realize now; its not about how long you wait, but rather how patient you are while you wait. Timing is everything. Believe it or not, things always fall into place. It may take a day, it may take a month, it may take a year but whats meant to be, will always be.

The important factor is:
Until time says its ready, your at a stand still. 

Many people tread through life wanting, needing, and pining for things, people, and situations. Without fully understanding that one cannot neccisarily control  things in their universe, their attempts to take the reign may very well backfire.  Things happen for a reason. Whether it be to shape you, break you, or teach you.

The bottom line is:
life is full of trials. Withought them, we dont experence inner-growth.

Meanwhile, as dad also used to quote frequently, “Do what you gotta do.” This is one of my favorite ponderings, because while you are doing YOU, things slowly but surely fall into place. Suddenly,  without realizing what happened, your in that place you wanted to be.

Example; have you ever lost something and tore up your entire house looking for it? I have. Its …. not a fun picture. a messy one too. Have you ever noticed that when you forget about it, and give up on finding it, thats when it reappears?
I see a lot of mentions in my social feeds about lonliness, and “Why can’t I find someone?” Types of posts. A perfect example of where this concept comes into play. It is only when you are not focused on it, looking for it, or seeking it, that it will finally  appear.

Keep in mind, that if you do not take the time to figure out who you are, what you want out of life, and a significant other, it is quite impossible to find the right person for you. Be who you are, “We attract what we transmitt.”

life is full of mysteries,  close your eyes, focus your breathing, silence your mind, and only then you will see the answers that you seek.

” Rareity

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