The Value of Leadership


What is leadership to you?

To me, it means leading the people who consider you a leader with wisdom, knowledge and grace. The most important tools a leader can obtain are the examples they show. Parents teach by example, leaders lead by example, and so forth. I suppose it pains me greatly to see, hear, and find out about situations where people in leadership positions are taking advantage rather than empowering their constituents. I believe a large issue arising in society today, is many people do not have a voice anymore. That is shameful. Every single person on this earth has a voice. One that should be heard. Their opinions matter. And believe it or not, every person on this earth has the power to make a difference. As I quoted on #stuffraresays

“Reaching for the stars is only as difficult as you make it.”


“Reaching for the stars is as simple as you make it.”

The difference lays within the perception of the concept. I do truly believe the difference can be made. It may not be immediate but over time, we always look back and realize just how much has changed.

I see a lot of mindless banter, and slander within my very own community. People tearing at each other, fighting amongst each other, and creating a horribly huge rift. It seems to always boil down to the leadership. Why is this happening?

Is this the example our leaders are setting? If so, what are we coming to? It’s not a beautiful picture.

This is why:
Throughout my life, I have experienced many traumatic events. Life happens. Life can also pass you by if you’re not paying attention to it. When you’re spending all of it focusing on negativity, what are you leaving yourself with?

Does the strife really matter that much?
I see this situation with a different view. These issues people are creating are honestly irrelevant.

“There is more to life, then what meets the eye.” Dad used to say.

To me, that means the little things in life are what matter most. Your roots, your heritage, and your traditions are the strong foundation. That which make you who you are. It doesn’t matter who you are, what culture you come from. None of that matters. Every culture is beautiful.

Here’s what’s wrong:

No one should ever feel they have the right to approach anyone and disrespect them for the culture they come from. Everyone is different, and that is what makes them ….THEM. I believe it is wrong to tell someone their culture should be stifled. It is especially wrong to take over ones culture. Therein lays the problem.

It is not anyone else’s place but you. The individual self who can say this or that about the culture, or heritage that you come from.

I’ve also said this in a previous post.

“True maturity comes when one can not only see people through a humble eye, but also learn to accept things for the way they are.”

We wouldn’t tear down a monumental artifact because we assume it no longer serves a purpose, we respect that it has great significance, meaning, and purpose for being there.

4 thoughts on “The Value of Leadership

  1. Just Jude says:

    Our voice is very important and I like your approach regarding leadership. I find it amazing how easily people have chosen to be silent, empowering leaders that are not leaders at all. A good portion of the cultural aspect of our judgment is rooted in greed and the competition for resources. If my race is superior to yours, then I claim the moral right to dominate, expel, and exterminate. “It’s for the best.”
    Thanks for sharing. I do like your approach to the subject, especially the being who I or they are aspect.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rareity says:

      thank you! I’m very happy to see this resonate with you. I like what you said about empowering leaders that aren’t leaders at all. very good way to analize. Thank you for the compliment and the comment.

      Liked by 1 person

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