Be a Team Player

Be a team player

I added a special poem for my poetry fans at the end. Enjoy! 😉

It is becoming more evident that our community is growing quite the rift within itself. I have been a youth advocate for the better half of a decade now, and have now been asked to become a community advocate.

What does this entail?
First of all, the goal is to empower those sleeping voices to wake up, and make a difference. In a world where many of us are losing our place, footing, and way it is important to show people, that if we do not have a community, we do not have anything. Every community should stand together rather than grow apart.

Here’s why:

When I look at people, I do not see a race, color, imperfection, or animosity. I truly do not care about what you look like, or where you come from.

Why? Because different is one great, and beautiful thing. This diversity is undeniably perfect in its own way. I see people for who they are, and not what they are. It does pain me to see that there are some that still live with those old ways. However, that is not the only rift I see nowadays.

Communities are fighting amongst each other more and more.  I suppose this breaks my heart, because many leaders are allowing this to happen.


Leadership isn’t being taken for what it really is.

I was asked to become a community advocate, this means my voice will be making an appearance on the radio Monday. I will mention a new community advocates committee.  This committee will involve bringing people together, and not only listening to their voices, but supporting their voices, and empowering their voices. Why is this important to me?
When I was a little girl, my parents would stop at nothing to remind me how proud they were that I would stand up for anything I believed in. I also heard some other comments such as;

“Your wit is impeccable.” Mom would say.

“I like you’re thinking.” Dad would say.

“If anyone’s gonna do it, it’s gonna be you.” Mom would say.

This is why.

I have a voice. Just like anyone out there, it deserves to be heard. I know I have been bringing more light to this series of leadership, empowerment, bullying, strife, community issues, and concerns of society, but I do truly feel like these are meaningful issues. Issues that I believe should no longer be neglected.

Today, I am opening the floor to all of my readers. I want to hear your thoughts, concerns and empowering comments because you too matter to me too.

I know that for years, many of us have sat back doing nothing while the world continues to crumble, that ends today.

Perfect example: The high school had a lock-down this morning because three kids showed up with a gun. Is this really what we want to see in our future?

Everywhere we look we see.

A world crumbling.

At our feet.

Schools are becoming.

The most dangerous to be

So what do we have left?

Other than animosity.  

 ©Rareity (2-25-15)

2 thoughts on “Be a Team Player

  1. bernadine de herrera says:

    Your intentions are noble and that is a quality that is almost nonexistant. You have no selfish personal agenda in your desire to impact your community in a positive manner, that is a “Rareity” ! Use your strengths to make change, you can!

    Liked by 1 person

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