Visions of You (Poem)

Everywhere I look; I think I see you.

A small mystical moment; the world stands still.

I take the time to remember when.

Drifting down memory lane.

Immaculate moments shared with you.

I close my eyes and see those grey misty blues.

You gave me reason to believe magic’s real.

I touched the tip when I was with you.

It toppled over flooding our wounds.

A flurry of energy we could not control.

Forever igniting.

Entwining our souls.

A tethered bond unbreakable.

Buried alive in a beautiful hymn.

I begin to remember our harmful doom.

A dwindling memory begins fade.

Disappoint starts to grow.

It’s never you I see, when it triggers.

A person who resembles you.

But never you.

©Rareity (2-25-15)

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