Fearless World Rising (Poem)

Hello all!!! here’s a rough around the edges one just for your happy Tuesday. 😉


A little girl bright-eyed and fearless.

Unfortunate events changed her beauty.

A tainted path, and clouded mind.

Grew up to be, simply revived.

I drifted along a path less traveled.

I touched the barrel of a scorpion’s sting.

I didn’t lose all of what’s left of me.

I bounced back and lived life fully

Even saw a loved one almost fall through.

I continued growing into an adult.

I’d tasted lust as a battle field full of weapons.

One day I said, that’s enough.

I left him raw and UN explained.

I’ve found myself in many strains.

The strength I carry runs deep and brutal.

I’ve given up love to see others happy.

I’ve watched two loves lose their whole world.

I’ve made choices, that maybe I shouldn’t.

I did what I had to keep on going.

Accomplished achievements without a second thought.

Watched my mother’s pain as she struggled in her last days.

Watched their dynasty burn in flames.

I watched my dad kiss the reaper and survive.

The miracle man in many eyes.

Then I’d lost what’s left of mine

Another year passed when dad got sick.

I watched my father’s life force slip away.

I’ve seen my brother in his worst dismay.

I’ve dug through dirt and ran through rain.

I’ve lived through turmoil but still stand brave.

A warrior’s heart; from day one.

A beautiful soul; reflected around.

A mind full of wisdom; growing bold.

Not a lot can scare me now.

I’ve been through the rough, and scorned my bones.

Here I am; all grown up.

Mom and dad; look at me now.

In a year without you both.

I am your daughter.

The best of your two worlds.

©Rareity 3-10-15

9 thoughts on “Fearless World Rising (Poem)

  1. sonniq says:

    I haven’t been back to see you in awhile. Glad I came. keep up the writing. Great job. If we don’t keep fighting, we never get to the top, and when we do – there is something else we have to fight through. Through that we hone our human nature into the strength of a diamond.

    Liked by 1 person

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