Poem Prompt (Acrostic style: Bunny)

I am a member of a local writing community which gives me the privilege of going into the schools to work with, and mentor our young writers. Last week, I had the pleasure of starting a second class. I began my first session as I always do. Since I don’t know the students, I begin with a get to know you activity, then move on to an ice breaker to ease the tension. After which we settled to begin our first lesson. Acrostic poetry. You see, the school will be having a poetry slam soon and the teachers want to prepare the students for this. As my pleasure, my passion, and my soul I am always more than willing. However, here’s the fun part. Instead of a single word, to make it fun, we chose poetic phrasing. The kids enjoyed!

The students constructed one line with me. Can you guess which one that is?


Bouncy creature full of life

Under a bridge filled with fight

Near the tree where its babies lay

Nothing will nor try to get in its way.

Year after year Easter gives it might.


This week we will be constructing a poem involving about a special person. This will take a while. I’ll report my results after gathering some of their creations.

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