Whats Going on With Society today?

What rise do people get out of starting drama?

Does it make them feel better about themselves? Does it release a feel good hormone in their blood that makes all their troubles and all their worries disappear. Not in any way shape or form.

As I quoted in my #stuffraresays post “One does not just simply rage war. It is those who give flight to negativity that create war within themselves.”

Every person on this planet has a voice. Every person on this planet has a right to express that voice. For those who attack, stifle, and attempt to play childish games such as making fun of others for trying to make a difference. These vain mentalities show your true character.

True character is having integrity not just for you, but for the sake of being a leader you must set an example. I get on my social feeds, and see parents of teenagers, making fun, and haggling others as if it’s ok. These are the examples they are setting for their children.

Is this right?

Is it wrong?

I ask these questions to encourage YOU my readers to state your stance. As I said above, everyone has a voice that should be heard. I have enjoyed all the interaction I’ve received so far.

I suppose this saddens me. It takes me back to this place usually. “I’m 30 and these offenders are in their 50’s. What’s wrong there? I do not, and will not engage in negative behavior. Because that is not who I am. I believe people should be empowered. That’s what I’ll always do.

I think about how much I’ve lost in just five years, and wonder how someone can be so vain about their lives, and those around them. What rise does anyone get out of attacking those around them?

Dad used to say, “There’s more to life than strife and grief. Just do what you gotta do. Don’t worry about the rest.”

A wise man Indeed. I’ll forever remember his teachings. Am I a Rareity? Is my mentality a minority? Is there uniqueness in my wisdom at my age?

It is shameful to see such negative things going around. Children read these things.

Today, I am not trying to gripe, complain or anger any of my readers. I promise a short story is coming soon. (Working on it now) but I just love to hear your voices. Tell me, what’s going on here? Is becoming the norm?

9 thoughts on “Whats Going on With Society today?

  1. Just Jude says:

    In short and reduced to one line of thinking, Our disconnectedness from each other creates a need to fill a void, even within the “family” structure. It’s just people go about it in an infantile manner (meaning age appropriation). The loss of being parented and positive sibling interactive relationships has stunted our growth. Result, if in need, Throw a temper tantrum!

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  2. dara40 says:

    I worked as a counselor for ten years and most people did not want to get to the root cause of issues. There are so many reasons, I have come to find, for this it would take hours to discuss but our culture is definitely on a downward slide. I have family members who revel in drama, some from modeling of their parents, some just from plain ol’ boredom and lack of meaning in their lives. They love negativity. I just stay away from it. Thank goodness for poets and writers with insight!

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  3. Judith StClaire says:

    A long time ago when I became a political scientist, I did so with a purpose: to make things better. For years, I worked successfully with bureaucratic entities and rural communities toward that end. Although I encountered anger, frustration and negativity in outlying communities, it was nothing like the seething anger and hatred seen today — in the community, on the road, and especially in politics and on the news. Sometimes I feel like the positive aspects of our society get buried under it all. And I wonder what it will take for genuine caring and humor to resurface.

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