Gouges (Poem)

Somedays I feel like giving up
Losing grasp of all I love
Gouges of cuts run deep within me
A world so cruel surrounds the air I breath
I ponder a life and world unknown
Is it possible?
Can it be our home?
Im just not sure what to feel anymore
A huge target sign must be carved into my forheard
Tired of what surrounds me
It’s no longer suitiing.
Am I crazy?
Or is this real?
A simple haste
Is all I feel.
   © Rareity 4-2-15

One thought on “Gouges (Poem)

  1. Just Jude says:

    Thankfully, pain like all other times in life will pass. Nothing remains forever. However, how we handle life’s circumstances is what will either make or break us. It’s difficult not to run. I have done some running. It didn’t help. Facing the crazy with help changed my life.

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