Feeling Emotional (Poem)

Recently I have been grieving. Maybe its the trials life has to offer, but I am going through a lot. I may not shed every detail of personal life, but lately I find myself saying, “I just want my mom and dad.” The flood gates generally open after that. I begin thinking about all the advice I could use. With kids, with life, with everything. I’m still growing up. To finish my growing without them, is just….:/… It truly breaks my heart. As dad used to call them “Growing pains” Mine come a little more emotional. Hope you enjoy.


If only I could touch your face,

Look deep into your eyes.

A solemn bliss would overcome

For, without you I am no longer whole.

Someday’s I want my dear ol’ dad

The abundance of wisdom, that he shed

Someday’s I just want mom again

To have her shoulder to cry on instead.

Feel her loving hands on my back

Hear their voices one last time.

The essence of their shadows fade

The memories of dear mom’s face

Everyday they drift with time.

A dreary reality I succumb.

Turmoil surrounds my beating heart,

Someday’s I’m bitter, cold, and harsh

Inside I’m a swirling ball pure of emotion

A barrier that onlookers do not see

A strength so bold only thy can see.

A world of my own in me.

©Rareity 4-6-15

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