The Strange Experiences of Jillian Rayne (Ep 1)

Have you ever just woken up in the middle of the night with a million thoughts running though your head?

Maybe a productive spark of muse came flooding through?

Well this is one of those nights for me. Instead of tossing and turning until I fall asleep yet again. I reached over and grabbed the nearest writing tool I could find, and here I am. In the middle of the night, writng to you, my beloved readers.
Heres a short funny, strange,  and mysterious one for you Enjoy!

The day started out like any other. jillian hadn’t noticed the giant bear sitting in the corner of her room.  Its her 17th birthday today.  Her alarm sounded just a quarter afer seven. As she sat up, she noticed the fresh aroma of blueberry pie filling the house. She closed her eyes in bliss, breathing in these lovely smells.  Baking pies was always her mothers favorite pass time, and why not on this, her special day. The dull vibration of her cell phone let off on her night stand, causing her to break her concentration. A text from her best friend steph “Where are you? Your late!” Jillian remembered frantically that she’d promissed steph she would meet her at the mall for her epic birthday surprise. She flung out of bed throwing her clothes on as quickly as she could, and ran down the stairs.  Passing the windowsill where her mothers first batch of pies were already cooling, she froze for a moment. Distant memories of her grandmother flashed through her mind. The frst time jillian had tasted this famous blueberry pie was at the last family reunion before her grandmother’s passing. She hadnt noticed that her mother was now standing behind her with a scolding look on her face, “Don’t even think about it Jill.” She let out a silly smile. Jillian then turned around, looked at her mom. And smiled back. “Smells delicious mom. Just like grandma’s.” 
“Well im glad you think so.” The air blue through, and they grew quiet. Jillian put her head down for a moment and then remembered “I’m going to meet steph at the mall for a while. Is that ok?” 
“Of course dear. Call your father when your done, he’s working nearbye. I’m sure  he’d love to give you a ride home. Oh and have you seen your brother?”
“No. Probably still sleeping. Bye mom. Love you.” Jillian rushed out  to meet steph. While she walked down the flagstone driveway, enjoying the beautiful nature around her, she didnt notice the big giant teddy bear now watching her from her bedroom window.

it’s a warm day with a faint breeze. The mall is packed full of kids from school. Jillian notices her friends gathered by a smoothie stand. “Jillian! Ellie shouted.” Steph, and Breanna turned around with giant grins on their face. “Hey birthday girl” Breanna let out.  “Hey girlies. ” jillian replied.  “So… what did you think?” Steph asked. “About?” Jillian questioned “Your gift silly.” An utter confused look passed over jill’s face, but before she could say anything else, a loud scream let out in the crowd. The girls turned in shock to see what the chaos was about. suddenly a giant teddy bear ran by with tights drooping from its head. Steph let her mouth drop, and after a few moment’s said, ” umm… that one.” Jill , Breanna, and Ellie looked at her in confusion.  What they didnt know, was their day is just about to get weirder.
“Oh no! I hid an important birthday present inside the bears stomach. We have to get to it before someone else does.” Steph continued.
It took a momet for the girls to realize what Steph meant, but as soon as they did, in unison they yelled, ” Somebody stop that bear!”

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