Philisophical Wednesday

It is true. Many of us find ourselves  re-evaluating our lives, our progress, success, set backs, you name it. Where do we finally draw the line? A lot of people walk the  earth lost, and confused. Not knowing where to go with their next move, not knowing if the path their taking is the right one. Simple growing pains right?

These are things even I go through. The question is, what do you do when you feel entirely alone when going through this process? Not everyone has a group of friends readily avaliable at their beck and call, not everyone has mom or dad to run to when the going gets tough. Besides, what would that say about a persons charector anyway?

What defines true strength?

What defines true courage?

What defines true love?

Lastly, what defines true charector?

Life is full of trials. I beleive it was Einstein who once said, “The definition of insanty is doing the same things over, expecting a different result.”

I know I refer to this often but as a wise man once told me, “you live and learn.”
I suppose where strength, courage, and charector come in is not really what we go through, but how we come out the other side after going through it.

True love…. I’d love t to say I know all about that, not a whole lot of knowledge in that front.

What I can say is, that love comes in many forms. Most importantly, you don’t experience the same love twice.  
Have you ever felt you met, or found your soul mate? 
Did it last?
Did it fall apart?
Were the circumstances wrong for the love that it was?
The big question is, how many of us have found the  “one” but because timing is everything, didnt get to experience it?
Lots of questions I know. But as I’ve said before, I dont blog to read my words, I blog because every single one of my readers has an opinion too, and I enjoy hearing them.

So blogger friends, whats your take? 
How do you charectorize?
Whats makes a person strong, or courageous?
What classifies love as true love?
What are your experiences?
Does it show a sign of weakness to always readily have someone to run to when the going gets tough? 

5 thoughts on “Philisophical Wednesday

  1. Nicodemas says:

    I love the way you shared this! Friends are so important but often difficult to come by. I was actually thinking of taking some classes so I could meet more people. True love? Well I can only speak from my experience. If it lasts for a long time, it probably is true. If it doesn’t last long, then maybe not so much! Maybe it was something else. Sometimes we can project too much of what we want, into a relationship, rather than being willing to give of ourselves completely.

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  2. nothingbutjay says:

    Within a heart, strength comes to light when needed to overcome setbacks,loss,daily routine.
    True love? That comes in life when you love yourself enough to love another completely, unconditionally
    Experiences? I write them every day.
    I do not believe it to be a weakness to lean on someone. They often see more than what we do in the middle of Q&A moments.
    Hope this helps you as well 🙂

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