Abuse by Nature (Poem)

He lifts his hand to her face when she’s brave

She’s tired of the emotional abuse at bay

Whilst it tears her up inside

He continues on taking strides.

She talks to him but receives dead air

Ignored and slipping through a world unfair

Some day’s she takes it with a grain of salt

Others she can’t and things blow up

He stifles her with his “He knows better’s”

Stumbling her confidence like a fraying sweater.

She does it for the sake of her children

He takes advantage of that

She cries at night in her darkest helm

Slowly dying overwhelmed.

Emotional, physical, verbal abuse.

Yelling, screaming, and arguing.

Everything he does or says

Always seems to be justified

He takes her pride and crushes her soul

Keeps her at his beck and call

While she struggles to find happiness

He can’t wait to step on it.

Abusive by nature

This evil creature

He walks along without a care

While he is slowly destroying her.

©Rareity 4-17-15


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4 thoughts on “Abuse by Nature (Poem)

  1. Just Jude says:

    A not so uncommon “story.” Reminds me of the old days, The ones before my time when what went on at home was no one’s business, not even the neighbors, nor those who know every detail. Sad situations with children as pawns, all the worse.
    Intimate or supposed ones are something I cannot experience due to autism. I just can’t make the necessary emotional connections for these types of relationships. I know I miss out on a lot according to most people. However, it doesn’t bother me because of the autism. I don’t really care. So, when I read tragic circumstance as these I’m even more glad. A cheer for autism.
    I’d like to add that for the women who find a way to break free, blessings be upon them and strength for the ongoing fight. I do wish that more women would make the difficult journey.

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