These Changing Times (Rant & Poem)

I know I mention this a lot, but I can’t help but notice all the negativity going on all around social media. I may offend some of my readers today, but look it’s time to get straightforward. You CANNOT lead, or inspire people to follow your cause if, and when a supporter makes a supporting comment but rather than being thankful, or grateful you become annoyed and talk down to them. You see a true leader leads by example, guidance, acceptance and humble views. For example: let’s say your browsing online and someone is passionate about animal slaughtering and encouraging people to become vegan. Ok in perspective, this is a great cause I support any cause and function. However, when someone asks this person a question and they respond with a condescending answer, which leads to a final response asking, “Are you even vegan?” Ok look your cause is to encourage it, not make yourself look like a giant bleep when you’re asked questions about it. Probably why you don’t have support. Another example: I know I preach on here often about making a difference. I care. If my readers are confused, critique, correct, or have a personal opinion towards my post, I find myself smiling in utter happiness because, everyone typos, everyone messes up, and people CAN have wrong info. It’s not uncommon. To me, this shows my readers care. Why would I get down on them?

“It takes great wisdom to know when to keep your mouth shut, when to accept defeat, and when to speak up.”

To make a difference we must first lead positively. To make strides we must be encouraging, not excluding. Here’s what I know. Today, we live in a world where electronic devices monopolize everything we do. Our younger generations cannot figure out common things us adults were accustomed to growing up with. Why? Because their faces are buried in their phones, and somehow they believe they are refined for being the best at Minecraft.

Let’s get real for a moment:

What’s the most important thing to you in life?

Life is short. Is it really important to dim others light just so yours can shine brighter?


Look at your mother, look at your father, grandparents, and siblings. Are they as healthy looking as they used to be? How would you feel if they were stripped from your life?



Because it is those little moments in life that matter most. Not who’s a better vegan, who’s got the better phone, not who plays Minecraft the best, not who has the most followers or friends on Facebook… It’s the special moments you make and create that will hold a lifetime of value. So put it down, visit a family member, give em’ a call take pride in your life for you only get one.

Life is crumbling everyday

Last thing we need is more negativity

Alleviate that which you can

The world is beyond us

Body and soul

©Rareity 5-14-15

17 thoughts on “These Changing Times (Rant & Poem)

  1. Just Jude says:

    I’ve always wished the media would focus on positive events and ideas rather than sensationalism over violation and violence. I’ve travelled thousands of miles hiking, bicycling, and paddling which means meeting hundreds of people. The encounters are always positive, share a meal, stay over night, given rides etc. Guess what? I’ve never met a person that trips the uh, oh gut feeling bell.
    I realize that the more I head out the greater the chances of running into a bad apple.
    One important point that you’ve brought out is this digital age. It’s difficult to strike up a conversation with a generation of eyes and/or ears glued to a device. This also means that of all the interactions I’ve had during my journeys were with people who were free from interactive distractions.
    It is always good to hear someone say that life isn’t forever and to place importance on that which is important, who we love and care about.
    Great reminders and excellently written as always.

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    • Rareity says:

      To this day, yes I use my computer to blog, but I also put it down. Sometimes, I miss a post a day not because I dont care about blogging but because sometimes mother nature is a wonderful place to hide. No distractions, no ringers, no static noise. Just me, the silence and the music that the world brings. Now look, they have a new watch. Well sure its a great invention for kids… what about the cancer risks .. what about the simple life? What about common sese? What about an inquisitve view of life? What about hanging out with your friends, not sitting next to them texting them. I remember a time when bikes, scooters, and camping were the IN thing. ?..what happened?

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      • Just Jude says:

        Good question. Technology is fun, especially when introduced at a young age. I believe (among many others) on factor is both parents working, especially when the kids are young. I’m not against parents working but what I saw in the corporate world of gotta keep up with “the jone’s” parents head to work early. The kid(s) are dropped off at day care where they have their breafast, lunch and sometimes dinner too. I’ll leave the comments at that.
        My personal life is that of being rather than doing. I took this up 12 years ago and each year gets better. I don’t care about money and hate the concept of time. I allow as much personal freedomas possible to do the things I love within the confines of our society.

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      • Rareity says:

        There are the parnts who cant afford to live of oe income without trying to keep up with the jone’s I can say that. Bu yest nature and nurture play a huge role


      • Just Jude says:

        I’m referring to parents who have to work and to the extent they do because of trying to keep up with the Jone’s. The ones who want to reach those management positions from mid-management. They try to look the part before the reality (much of the time is a dream) and end up in a position to not only be 2 parent working but working a lot of over-time or a second job.
        I know families who are in the can’t afford group. Many of them have intact families because of good parenting. Love and being loved, supportive and a general work together, grow together environment. Problems, of course. Then there are the social/racial groups etc…..
        Basically, I’m saying that the American Dream families who are not in a position to run as fast as they need, leave out all else, including children and other family members, just to stay upright on their treadmill.

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  2. jetgirlcos says:

    Really a fantastic post, here. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of all the negativity that is “out there.” I think with a post like this, you are setting a much better example, so Thank You !

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  3. Dash McCallen says:

    I think you have an insight that is impressive. Much of what you covered is precise and on point. In this day and age, it seems that to get ahead, people drag someone else down, instead of supporting the one with the bright idea or composition, the effort is less constructive and more destructive. A difference between critique and to be critical.

    I might correct on toyps but often when I do, I find myself in the wrong place I wanted to be. Coming off as putting down an article rather than trying to help.

    THen, if I agree, then I sound like I am belittling. So to look beyond the minor flaws of a finger that is anxious and types first instead of waiting its turn and see the soul and meaning of the words is my effort. I might still correct, but often I leave looking like a language nazi, which is the opposite of my effort.

    That said,
    Good article! Thank you for sharing.


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    • Rareity says:

      hehehe… but without your grammar policing, I wouldn’t be able to fix my typos 😉 . Thanks so much for your opinion. This means a lot to me. 🙂


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